What is a PURL anyway?

So…What I am good at is marketing using PURL’s.  I LOVE them.  But your first question is probably – “What the heck is a PURL?”  A PURL is a “Personalized URL” or better even said it’s simply  a personalized way to target customers.  For those who still don’t understand, a URL is the address in the “Address Bar” that you type everytime you want to visit a website.  So, if you want to target a specific audience like I do in direct mail and use PURL’s what you would do is simply upload a list of some sort into a CMS System on your website (you do need a little list management and website coding to do this on the front end) But basically, what I do is simply merge the list with the mailer so that the PURL’s match up, I create creative campaigns that make sense for the “PURL” to even work.  So if we’re talking about Financing your future for tomorrow, the PURL might read http:://vip.sylvawilson.com/finance. 

It’s very important for the PURL to connect with the targeted customer as much as the message to connect. If the two don’t connect, then you’ve missed the boat.  I will explain in further detail how PURL’s work in later posts.  Why? It’s my passion! Let me know if you want further info!

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