Facebook Fan Pages for beginners


Several phone calls have come to me asking how do I set up a facebook page for my business?  Well you want to definitely have a facebook page but you should make a Facebook FAN page in my opinion and I will tell you why.

  1. With a Facebook Fan page, you will be able to send out updates to all of your “Fan’s” rather than Friends via Notes and they show up in the News Feed automatically.  It’s more of a force fed stream. (It’s actually not annoying though. As long as you do not abuse sending too many notes)
  2. You can create a landing page for your fan page which you cannot do with a friend page. A landing page will allow for you to have a special place for any NEW visitors to your fan page to STOP first.  So they will come to this landing page that is a special design and here you can have any offers.  So if your business is to sell say a book then perhaps on your landing page you might say “Buy the ABC Book today and get 5% off plus free shipping” and you can also list some of the other products you sell here as well and maybe a bio about who your company is.
  3. The Facebook fan page allows you to create a pay per click button so that you show up on the left side of everyone’s page.  Yeah – you know those little ad’s you see from time to time that say “Become a fan of the Bob and Tim Show, Lisa is a fan and so are 4 more of your friends.”  Well you can only do this with a Facebook Fan page. It does cost money, but it’s pay as you go and VERY minimal, and you can target your audience so some would say it’s very worth the money.
  4. You can add video’s and other cool functionality that you can force into the news feed that is a bit more difficult as a friend. The fan page is less intrusive in my opinion and allows for more customization of your Facebook page. You know how you can only do so much with your page as a friend? Well…now you’ll actually be able to customize more things like your tabs! It’s so cool!

Remember to link back to your website to ensure that your getting SEO (search engine optimization) and to have your website link back to your Facebook page.  You want to promote your page everywhere including in your signature on your email, on your business cards, brochures – you want to get as many fans as you can so that you can sell as much product as you can. It is all about the almighty dollar at the end of the day right? RIGHT!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Facebook Fan page today and start connecting to fans! Or send me a message and I will help ya!

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