Facebook pesky status updates that you dont want to see

I had a friend ask me today how to get rid of the pesky constant updates of friends on facebook that she really didn’t want to see. She said she didn’t want to be rude and just delete the friend. Was there any alternative?

Yes! There is! Facebook is one of the few social networks that has all sorts of privacy settings for you.  Here are a few things you can try:

  1. When you see a friend who constantly is updating their status and you just don’t want to see it any longer, you can click over to the right hand side of their status in the news feed and a button will appear that says “HIDE”. If you click this, you will not see their status updates any longer. Don’t worry, if you want it back you can go to your settings at the bottom of the news feed under “Edit” and change it back.
  2. You can also block out people from your phone by unsubscribing from their “SMS updates” if you have accidentally chosen that as an option. Sometimes you might do this when you first accept a friend and then all of the sudden you are getting frequent vibration alerts on your cell phone from a friend telling you they just took out the trash…um…that’s fine and dandy, but I have a real job and don’t need all the details of your life!
  3. If you no longer want the friend to see your updates I would refer you to my earlier post Privacy on Facebook..the right way.

Hope this helps you to keep your current facebook friends because lets face it…nobody wants to be “deleted”! LOL!


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