Facebook friendship access DENIED from Corporations?


Today we had an interesting topic on our agenda in our staff meeting.  It was regarding social networking sites and whether or not it was acceptable to befriend people in business as it relates to the particular company I work for.  They were afraid that employees having photo’s of themselves drinking and half naked might put our company in a bad “light.” The end result was “NO” it is not okay to be friends with co-workers or anyone that we do business with.  Oddly, many in the meeting were devastated. Not sure if it was because they don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook, or if they really like their co-workers – LOL!

Funny, if they read my blog regarding how to block out your Facebook Status and your Facebook photo album, perhaps they would have just forwarded the instructions and required everyone to do that. Oh well.  It’s probably for the best.

Really, it depends what your goal with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. is. I personally use Facebook as a way to connect with friends that I know very well and don’t normally see often. So, although I have a few co-workers as friends on Facebook, the vast majority are just good buddies that are from my school days. We share photo’s of our lives and our children.  A few of us haven’t quite grown up and yes, there may be an incriminating photo or two on my page.

As for Twitter, LinkedIn, and the many other social networking sites, I keep those all strictly business. For me the news was actually not good or bad news since I already had all of my co-workers and business associates blocked from seeing any status updates and uncomfortable photo’s of myself…Like the one where I almost…Nevermind. You too can do this with Facebooks great privacy settings. But the point is, if you have a page that you really don’t intend on doing business on it at all, then my suggestion is to not accept business associates and instead, refer them to your other social networking pages that you DO conduct business on. It will keep a lot of unwanted confusion down.

Hope this helps you keep all your friends, followers, and connections in tact!


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