TWITTER isn’t as confusing as you think


How I am using Twitter for business is to announce events, attempt to sell our products, and give general education on the industry that we work in.  So how do I do this?  Well, first what I do is come up with unique “Tweets”.  Most people on Twitter are very good at this. If you don’t know how then just go follow your favorite businesses, a few teenagers (kids are the best users in my opinion at using Twitter), and then copy their style until you come up with your own.

How I use Twitter for personal use is a little different.  For me, my whole page was intended to be personal, but the people who were following me suddenly were in the same industry that I work in.  When I noticed there was an opportunity for some networking and freelance work, I jumped on this and changed my design of my Twitter page. You can actually make your own design in any program you choose as long as you change it to a .jpg and upload it into Twitter’s design page from the settings and create a very professional looking page. If you’re not a designer, then simply hire someone or ask a friend (ahhheem – call me!) to design one for you.

So how does Twitter work?  Well, what happens when you go onto Twitter is you get “Followers” rather than “Friends”.  These followers in turn will expect you to “Follow” them. It’s the polite thing to do. You don’t have to, and certainly if your getting a bunch of spam followers like porn stars and junk asking you to buy this and that, you can click on the little icon to the right of their name and block them from ever seeing your page and following you again.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky – or maybe not so tricky, but requires some thought. Who do you want to follow and follow you? I am in Marketing so I want anyone who wants to ever do business and needs a “Marketer” I want those people to follow me. My “Circle of the world” is very broad and big.  However if your goal is only have people who are in the industry of “education” follow you, your going to have a harder process of weeding out the junk and quite frankly a harder time finding your followers. It’s not impossible though.  In a later blog post, I will tell you how was able to do just this for a company in a similar situation and now has a great following of people.  It’s not perfect, but the followers are going to their microsites (using a PURL or personalized URL) and converting their tweets into prospects. Hopefully those prospects can convert into sales very soon!

Your tweets should always talk about your business or product you are trying to sell and showing a photo of the product within the tweet or listing a site where they can learn more, or video is how you gain more visibility for your business. If you are using Twitter for personal use, I always thought of it as texting on my phone but much faster..maybe that’s why I prefer to use it for business.  I simply cannot keep up with my friends who type that fast, LOL!

I hope this brief explanation helps!



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