Do random followers on Twitter just get you a bunch of junk?


Following on Twitter is so interesting isn’t it?  You get the random followers and then you get the followers you definitely know like your family and friends..But what’s up with these people who follow you who aren’t spammers but seem to have good information?  How did they find you? Because you are just a random person right? Well I will tell  you what I am doing and that might explain what they are doing.

I learned from Pat Flynn that increasing your followers is easy if you find a “Guru” and follow their followers. He talks about it on his YouTube page. What he says happens when you do this, is that, when you find a person who has the same interest as you who is the “GURU” with a lot of followers then you can go to their followers and follow all of them. Nine times out of ten these people will follow you back if they have an auto follow turned on. But what about the rest of us that do not believe in API’s and auto replies? How do we interest them enough to want to follow us back?  We’ve got to have something on our profile that entices that person to want to follow us.  I would personally like to think that my blog is enough to get a person to follow me.

But, Pat teaches one more unique trick that has changed the game. If you want to double your chances at getting us those followers faster, that is.  What you can do is go to the “Guru’s” Twitter page prior to following his group of followers by sending a message with a “@guru” maybe something as simple as hey how are you, or ask a question or even mention something that they have been talking about.  Then when the followers come to your page to see who you are, they will see that you know the “Guru” and they will see that you are a “good person” who is likely someone they want to follow.  Pat has the insight on this and truly has changed the way I seek out followers. Previously I was gaining about 10-30 a day, since I switched to Pat’s method 2 days ago, I increased my followers by literally hundreds. I was at 100 followers a week ago and now on November 14, 2009 I am at 1025.  Pretty cool right?  Now, the important thing to remember about me, is that my circle of the world is BROAD because I am in marketing.  If your circle is small, you might want to do this a little differently.  I don’t mind having a few junk followers here and there.  I know I can always go back in and clean it up later.  The point is to get the followers so that when I post up information about my site, as many people as possible can get the data.

Hope this clarifies why you don’t need to click on any of those spammy get followers fast sites.


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