Silence the spammers from your Twitter DM once and for all


If we remove the followers that are coming from an API the danger that comes from that is the loss of a follower that is a “True Follower”.  When I say “True Follower” what I mean is they are the humans that we want, not the computer generated ones. You see a lot of people have accidentally clicked on links and had their DM (Direct Mail) hijacked recently and now the API’s are sending out messages on their behalf without them knowing.

Therefore, we need to be careful about simply deleting and removing our faithful followers. Instead I say lets flood our updates on Twitter with this link to clean out your DM (Direct Mail) in case you’ve been spammed, hijacked, or hookwinked!  Thanks to a tip from MadKeet on Twitter we can follow this link to clean your twitter direct mail if you are concerned, and update your status from time to time or forward to anyone who’s sending weird messages to you:

How to Deal W/ Twitter DM Spam:

If after a few days you’re still getting spammed from the follower, maybe you should unfollow them. That’s a decision you’ll have to make.

We can fight back, we just have to be smarter than the spammers and not allow them to make our followers go away and leave us followless!



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3 responses to “Silence the spammers from your Twitter DM once and for all

  1. Hi!

    Good article, Syl, thanks for the link to Mike Haydon.

    Let us all together to fight spammers!

  2. Hi Sylva,
    Very helpful, thanks. I don’t have a problem yet but now I know how to do the quick fix.

    Nick (nick4033)

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