A Perfect Formula for Tracking Behaviors of Customers

A perfect formula for tracking? Really?
Well no, but let me ask you…How are you tracking your customers? I mean…really? How are you tracking their habits? I have been using PURLS (personalized URLS) but lets say your business is not able to for whatever reason make the investment of a penny a PURL….yes, it’s that cheap. (There are more dollars that will have to be invested for your website to link up if your doing mail merging with the PURL’s which I highly recommend.)

Online Tracking
Well, in this day an age why not use one of the nifty electronic newsletter methods to communicate with and track the trends of your customers?  How so – you ask?  Well, I use a vendor  that supplies me with awesome abilities to track everyone that opens my electronic newsletter. If the end user forwards the email, I can see who they forwarded the message on to, how many times it was forwarded and what IP address received it.

The important part of this is what to do with the information, so LISTEN UP! What I do next, is send a report to the sales team showing the customers who’ve forwarded the message more than three times. I also provide the sales team with a list of each article that the client read.  This way now we have a tool that is more of a “Lead Generator” rather than just a newsletter that brags on our abilities. Now we’ve turned our electronic newsletter into something the sales team can take out with them and use to hopefully convert into a sale. We all know how the sales teams are always wanting the marketing teams to help them with creative ways to sell….HERE’S YOUR MILLION DOLLAR IDEA! Ha! Well, maybe not million…but it’s a start!

Additionally, my vendor allows me to see which articles are being opened and how frequently in real time. Typically, I put 4 articles in my electronic newsletter each month.  When it goes out to the 5,000 customer list that I have, I can instantly see, by both chart and detail, who has opened the message and which articles they were reading and sitting on the longest.  What I like to do is a double whammy and add PURL’s (personalized URL’s) in on these same articles just for fun. I put a form on each of the articles to entice them and believe it or not I sometimes get people who will fill the form out for more information.  It always is a plus when someone does that!

So, if you haven’t found the right vendor to use for your electronic communications, that’s okay, you can email me and I will tell you who I don’t recommend and who I do.  Really, they all have different features, but what you want to make sure you are getting is the ability to TRACK ALL OUTGOING MESSAGES, OPEN MESSAGES, FORWARDS, EMAIL ADDRESSES, etc. If they are just giving you open rates…well…what good is it doing you?

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