Instructions on setting up Twitter messages for new followers

If you have been wondering how to set your Twitter page up like the pro’s, there is help!  And, I have news…it’s free and easy!

If you want to know how to set your twitter page up with “Auto Welcome Messages” for new followers, you can do it very easily with a online service from socialoomph. Follow these simple instructions and you can not only set up an auto welcome message, but also, send out all your tweets scheduled throughout the day!

From your Twitter Account

  • First go to your Twitter page and click on Settings
  • Next click on Notices
  • Make sure the box that says “New Follower Emails” is checked
  • Click Save

Now go to and create a free account.

You’ll have to give up your Twitter username and password at a certain point, but this is okay.  Your doing this so they can send the message on your behalf.

  • Once your account is set up, go to “Manage my scheduled tweets and twitter account automation”
  • Click on “Edit” next to your account name at the bottom
  • Here you should put your username and password for Twitter in if it isn’t filled in already.
  • Be sure to have the box checked that says “Auto Welcome, Automatically send a welcome message to new followers”
  • In the box that says “Send this message” put whatever you want new followers to receive. Keep it short and simple and don’t use this as a selling tool because most people will instantly unfollow you if they feel you are selling something.
  • My personal favorite button to check towards the bottom is the “Auto UnFollow”.  Check that box if you want socialoomph to unfollow anyone who unfollow’s you automatically.  (Yep…awesome right?)

That’s it! You are all set up! Stay tuned for instructions on how to set up your auto tweets throughout the day! You won’t have to do it all day anymore. You can actually schedule them in the mornings on auto pilot thanks to socialoomph.  There are plenty of other sites as well, I just like socialoomph. You can try out all of them if you want! Let me know how it goes.




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3 responses to “Instructions on setting up Twitter messages for new followers

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  2. Sylva, hello! thanks for this brilliant article, I was in fact searching for a way to do exactly that (the above info). I have now started my socialoomph account & it looks really cool. lots of info to explore. Thanks so much for a really useful post, I look forward to exploring your archives. Have a gr8 day.
    notjustagranny on twitter

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