Has Generation Y Changed the Advertising Game?

I just read an excellent article in “Marketing Management” magazine about the new media multitasking frenzy.  What is media multitasking you ask? (I sure did). Well, it’s how they say the younger generation processes information.  You see, they are a generation (Generation Y) of consumers that is apparently more willing or likely to watch several different media’s at once. So the days of watching a television program and nothing else – that is foreign to them. Instead, they will watch t.v., talk on the phone, sit on their laptops with different social networks going as well as shopping experiences, reading blogs, surfing the net, etc. and they do this all at the SAME TIME!
So the question is, how do we as marketers reach this audience? The article I read took a study of Generation Y’rs, and found that in order to reach them we must follow these rules:

  1. Believe that this Generation Y really does process information differently than those of yesterday
  2. Find ways to bring this behavior as a positive not a negative. In their words “Leverage the behavior.”
  3. New multitasking media strategies will need to be made in order to address this behavior change. Find ways for your marketing communications to engage the consumer with your products online. Gen Y’rs need the back and forth communication. They don’t want to feel like its all one sided. They want to be able to give feedback and receive it instantly. This can be done with games, widgets, etc.

These new challenges are not so unusual to some of us in advertising who are used to social networking, but may come as a shock to others. Understanding the complexity of media multitasking is the first step. Then realizing that there are still many unturned stones in your marketing strategy that probably haven’t begun to touch all the new methods in cyber-space. Remember, as related to media multitasking the internet can give you limitless potential!


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2 responses to “Has Generation Y Changed the Advertising Game?

  1. This is a great introduction to the changes we marketers/advertisers are going to have to embrace as Gen-Y becomes more relevant in the marketplace (I mean as more Gen-Y’s become older and make more purchases as they enter adulthood).

    As a Gen-Y and Advertising Professional, I feel that the focus of advertising is no longer going to be to entice a consumer to go out and purchase the product/service. Rather, it should be to take advantage of a consumer having a platform that they can communicate to the world with on their lap and to create conversation about the product/service.

    Leave it in the hands of the consumer to spread the word about your product with their personal recommendation.

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