Designing your website content in 4 seconds

When designing your web page for content, you need to try to communicate who you are in the first 4 seconds.  You need to express why a user should do business with you and tell how you make their life better.  You should not just say “We do this and we do that”.  You need to sell to the needs and personality of the visitor and provide action-benefit language and links.  It is critical to appeal to logic, emotion and credibility on your website.  Well designed pages and content equal credibility.

Although a lot of what has been stated previously, is how to be found by search engines, the most important thing to remember is to write for users not search engines.  Search engines are also smart enough to realize if you are just copying and pasting the same content over and over again and will deem you as a probable spam site.  When developing the content, you need to focus on your sales force to generate that content.  The web is another sales force for the company, and therefore, your sales team usually is best at developing the most creative communication on the internet based on how they speak to customers.

Always remember that content will read differently on the web than it would in a brochure, or an ad on the radio, etc. The web is also a call center, and essentially the most valuable piece of business for many companies.  In most industries the web brings in 40% of sales yet less than 5% of the marketing budget goes into it.

A black background or color background is not the best route to go.  Instead choose a simple white background with vibrant photos of your products and well written content.  Surround the photo with words and links describing the product more in depth.  The best thing for a website is testimonials (go figure!) and it is recommended that there be at least one on the homepage as the majority of people believe what other people have to say about a company before believing what any company has to say about itself.

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  1. orlando2vegas

    great article and will definitely take this advice and stick to it for 2010… thanks Syl. appreciate that usefel info. living and learning… Happy New Years! working on new wordpress site check it out and give me feedback as well on startups…

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