How to get over writers block


To break through writers block, recognize the difference between preparation and procrastination.  Review background, take notes, make lists of key points, jot down spontaneous ideas.  Talk with people about the project.  To get started use “Cluster Writing”.  Cluster writing is a technique where you put one word that describes what you are selling and then the emotions that come from that word.  You then begin to develop your copy based on emotions and benefits to the customer.  This exercise is awesome.  You can even break out into groups and see whose group will win for the best concept during a brainstorming session with your marketing team.

Give a list of writing/editing words that help an ad/marketing concept and those that are cliché and never use them. You must learn how to Identify and overcome common challenges that make writing difficult by determining and setting up an ideal writing environment.


The theory is that if you test an offer you need to have 4 different test groups with 2 different offers going to 2 different mailing lists.  In the end the idea is to track beyond just the open click.  The goal is to track through to what the end user did once they opened the email.  There are a lot of different software’s out to track this.  The cost is roughly $800 for the software and $1000 to implement it.

Online Ads

Online Advertisement is the toughest challenge in copywriting.  It is like a miniature billboard that is gone in the blink of an eye.  Important factors in online advertising are:

  • Make sure you offer a question and answer.
  • If you offer a problem – offer the solution or action
  • Do not focus on features only on benefits

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