To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogging is one of the most current technologies available on the web.  There are millions of users who blog and who read blogs.  Most major corporations have a blog about their products.  People will come back and subscribe to your blog once you become an “expert” on your topics. Your blog should remain focused on a main topic. As people begin see that your content is of value, they will depend on your posts as a matter of information that they need. This will take time and not happen overnight, but if you keep these main points in mind it, will keep you from posting meaningless articles and instead stick to rich, creative information that people really want to hear about. Also, remember not to speak in corporate jargon. Most people will just shy away and move on to another site that is in more simple speak. Jim Bianchi, a great blogger, wrote an article recently titled “Business Buzzwords to be Banned,” about corporate jargon that should be banned and he is RIGHT ON!

When you get your blog you will notice that your site will instantly move to the top of the search engines.  If you are able to get magazines to link to the press releases and articles in your blog, you are going to soar to the top of the search engine rankings.  Blogging is great if you are willing to update it on a regular basis.  You cannot start this process and give up after a month.  This is a lifetime commitment.  The most unprofessional thing you can do is start a blog and not complete it on at least a monthly basis. Blogging is a relationship building process that is valuable if done correctly. Don’t forget that you can always have contributors to post articles if you get writers block! WordPress is a great tool to get your blog out and they allow for multiple users on their platform with one account. It’s easy and fast to set what are you waiting for? Get the word out about your level of expertise today!

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