What’s the best way to brand your product on the internet?

Branding on the internet is very different than anything we would put in print.  Because the human mind wants to have everything faster when they are looking online, our marketing has to do just that, help a user get to the point in a few short seconds.  If you have pages and pages of content going on and on, then a user will just move away from your site until he finds the particular words in his mind that relate to what he is looking for. One of the more critical elements to designing a website that is often overlooked is the use of page titles.  Page titles allow a user to quickly scan for a topic and make the experience that much easier.  When creating the titles keep in mind that this is what gets indexed by search engines.  So if you have a page title that says  Smith Incorporated controls your everything, and you are trying to tell folks that you sell cups, then that is not very descriptive to a user who is searching for cups.  Instead title the pages to be of relevance to the online users.  So it would be in your best interest to say Smith Inc. Cup Product Line.  The first 60 characters of the page title will show up in the online search engines, so this is a great way to brand or market your brand name.  It’s free and it takes very little time to come up with clever ways to let people know who you are via simple tools like google.  Users scan a page for content like headlines, meaningful sub-headings, bulleted lists and content arrangement.  Content arrangement should be in an inverted pyramid for the eye to scan it correctly.

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