Is your marketing lacking creativity? Try using a creative brief!

If it doesn’t sell – it isn’t creative

First develop a creative brief.  A creative brief is a report detailing out:

  • Target Audience
  • Objectives/Strategies
  • Product Positioning Statement
  • Obstacles/Barriers
  • Action

Good creative briefs help everyone.  A creative brief will show the 3 major benefits that matter to customers (the way customers think, act and feel from the product).  Historical results should be in a creative brief if it is a similar product that has been done before. Characteristics of what the customers want and need to change should be included in the creative brief.

Science tells us that large purchases are made with 80% emotions and 20% rational.  Therefore when developing a creative design, it will need to convey what it will do to save the customer time and money.  We have to motivate the emotional side.  Use simple thoughts to get to the brain more easily.  The more personal the message, the more successful the promotion will be.


The fear of loss is more promising than gain.  Try to capitalize on it.  Non-profits do this very well.  An example is “Innocent notations by job interviewers cost this company $299,973” all in bold letters as a headline.  The story reads on about how a newbie in a company wrote a side note on a resume that said how old he thought an applicant was who the company later hired.  The employee was fired and sued for age discrimination and won.  The article was one that was highly requested based on the headline and opening sentence.

Creative Platforms Speak to:

  • Availability
  • Authority
  • Value
  • Satisfaction

Evaluating the Creative

When you evaluate the creative, make sure you attracted the customers attention.  If you ask the customer a question in the headline portion of the advertisement – do not let the customer have an opportunity to say no to it.  Questions are very good tools to use when developing a mailer.

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