Don’t trim your followers just yet, help is on the way!

Want to stop junk followers use

If you are thinking, “Man, I sure am getting followed by a lot of porn stars and robots…” maybe you should think about using a verifier for your followers.  This can be done easily with so many different services to choose from, but the main one that seems to be catching on is TrueTwit.

TrueTwit allows you to register with them and then they will require everyone who follows you to enter a series of letters and numbers (CAPTCHA) before they are allowed to follow you.

I have seen some posts that say “I’m going to block anyone who doesn’t have a profile photo because I know you are spam.”  Well, another quick tip to keep from getting the followers that are spammy or porn stars is to watch what you tweet about. If you tweet that you “are feeling sexy tonight,” there is a good chance that you will suddenly get followed by a bunch of porn stars or spam. The reason why is because of “Keywording.” What keywording basically does is allows these robots and porn stars to quickly look up anyone who has used these words in their tweets and then auto follow them or send obscene messages to you via the “@” feature.  You can read more about this in my earlier post titled, “How’d they know to tweet me that I needed a hug (or whatever you needed).

So before you decide that you are going to “unfollow” anyone who does not have a profile photo, you might want to just subscribe to one of the services that verifies who anyone who is attempting to follow you is. Or you can just not tweet about anything sexual!

Hope this information is useful to you!

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