Understanding the gaze of your customer

The design and graphics of your marketing material must support and strengthen the copy message.

  • Make it easy to scan
  • Have a focal point
  • Have an easy transfer of information (easy to read)
  • Communicate not decorate

What draws the eye, are warm colors and people. The best place to put your illustration is on the right hand side.  You want to make sure it draws the eye upward from there and to the left.  If you can stick to one illustration that is better, but if you need more, make one of the pictures the large focal point because small pictures do not entice the eye.

For the side of your mailer with the address, the focal points are return address, addressee and the postage.  The eye moves in the direction from the addressee to the return address over to the postage.  Knowing that, you should have a teaser in the left side corner to entice the person to open the envelope.

When using inserts, make sure to use a popping color such as yellow.  It should have very few words though.  Just reinforce the offer on it.  This hold true for the web also, smaller boxes with yellow on them are the most important.

Good luck with your marketing inventions! You can do it!


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2 responses to “Understanding the gaze of your customer

  1. Tedd Groves

    Where do you get all this good information?

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