Get that crap off of your facebook wall!

Want to keep folks from posting things on your wall? You might have noticed with Facebook’s latest changes that a lot of the things that used to be on your home page are now auto posting to your wall. Well there is hope to keep you from having your feed cluttered with “Bling”…of course if you like bling, you might not want to change anything.

First thing to fix!

If you click on “Profile” and then directly underneath the share button, you’ll notice a little button that says “Settings,” click that. Now there is a bunch of options that pop up, I want you to uncheck “Combine Posts – show posts from friends in the default view.” Now your friends will only see what YOU want them to see not all the goobley goop that people are trying to post on your wall.

Ahhhh now all those game applications where people are trying to give you loot, tell you about their high score in Bedazzle and so forth are GONE!  But wait, you like seeing if you can beat your buddy in Bedazzle? No problem, just go back up to the top where it showed settings.  Across from there is  the choice of “Your Name + Friends, Your Name, or Just friends.” If you choose “Your Name + Friends,” it all comes back. You can also choose Just Friends if you want. I have mine set to Just Syl so that I don’t have to see all the gifts etc. and  I suggest you do the same if you want to remove those gifts, mafia wars, champagne requests…oh it goes on and on doesn’t it?

If you want to stop anyone from ever posting any bling to your page you can go to your wall and hover over the bottom of the app where it says the app name. For instance, if it’s mafia wars, you’de right click on the name Mafia Wars and then the Applications page will open. You then can choose “Block Application,” and that means that those posts cannot appear on your wall anymore. People will still be able to send the info to you, but you won’t have to worry about it appearing on your actual wall.


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11 responses to “Get that crap off of your facebook wall!

  1. tom

    Very thankful for this post, I have been wondering how to do this! Thank you! I’m going to read the rest of your blog for more tips!

  2. Level Up

    Saw your Blog bookmarked on Reddit.I love your site and marketing strategy.

  3. Sirena Hipps

    Very interesting way to market on facebook. I also found a way to automate a couple very powerful methods of getting users. You can capture ID by groups or pages or wall posts with this program. Then once you have them you can do a friend add to your logon or sudo profile. This by passes the captcha codes too. There is also a cool chat program that you can setup scripts and keyword to work with. This program, when I use it I can see a spike in my site traffic. It is awesome…

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  5. Vibhu

    Thanks a lot for this article, I was very much pissed off, of blings post

    Warm regards

  6. Nice information. I am glad I visited your blog. Keep those quality post coming.

  7. Alicea

    Thank you Jesus for posting this! Was driving me nuts! Made me never even wanna sign up for farmville etc! I don’t even know what all that is but unfortunately, I know more than I want to about those apps! Geez!

  8. noel

    I don’t have a settings button under my share. I think the profile page has changed since you wrote this.

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