What’s your strategy to get people to open your blog via Twitter?

I have seen several methods used on Twitter and have tried most of them. There is the good old “Hit them hard and hit them fast” method.  This method consists of sending 4 – 5  different tweets all with different texts, but very leading as to what the article is about. You hit these tweets 4 to 5 times in a row right after each other, with the same link to the same article. Each tweet says something different. For instance:

Article is really titled “Only 2 days left to buy a pair of Cashmere Gloves for $2”

Your tweets read like this:

Are your hands cold from frostbite? Read this http://yourblog name

Always wanted cashmere but thought you couldn’t afford it? You can now! Read this http://yourblogname

Woman caught red handed with these Read this http://yourblogname (okay that one is really mis leading…but the point is to get them to open the link)

So you get the point from this hit them hard hit them fast method right?  I have used it many times on some of the accounts that I manage for clients and had a lot of success, however I cannot be sure if it is because the clients I represent have such loyal followers or if it is because of the leading tweet I use.  I would like to think it is my leading tweet. But in reality, if your followers are loyal, or if you are a well known brand, then it may not be as easy to figure out why they are clicking. Side note on this method: This can be extremely annoying to some tweeters to have their feed clogged up with your tweets, keep that in mind and do not over abuse this method.

The next method I have seen is the …method. The …method consists of telling part of the story and then cutting the reader off just when it’s getting good. For instance:

Tiger Woods caught cheating with another new lady. This time its….. http://yourblogname

If you want to learn how to move a couch without lifting a finger all you have to do is…. http://yourblogname

This method has been used many times and is probably one of the more successful ones (assuming you are cutting the reader off at the right moment). You  want to give them enough data to get them interested enough to click. This holds true with your blog posts as well. You never want your blog to show the entire post. If you do, your analytic’s software won’t be telling you real data. Your analytic software on your blog should tell you exactly what posts are being read the most and exactly how many people are stopping at the home page and then leaving. If you have the entire story on your home page…well then you really aren’t giving the reader a chance to click on the story. Your blog content management system probably has a code that will allow you to stop the story at a certain break point and then auto insert the words “read more.” Try looking in your help menu if you cannot find it. In WordPress it is called the “Insert More” tag and it is on the visual page not the HTML page.

The last method I thought I would mention is the “Engage with tweeters and then ask them if they have visited your blog” method. It’s probably a lot more work, however once you begin engaging, you will find that you get more quality followers and more loyal followers that will want to retweet your blog posts. I know on my blog, most of my retweets come from my more engaged Twitter users (thank you very much to all of you!).

So, my question to you is what method are you using and how can you see Twitter helping your blog? Do you prefer another social network to Twitter for blogging? Leave a comment and let us know, so we can get the information out to the masses!

And remember, don’t stop blogging!


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20 responses to “What’s your strategy to get people to open your blog via Twitter?

  1. I use feedburner. I don’t compose the tweets myself. I’m not into blogging for the publicity, I just share what I feel is important and hope people like what I write.

  2. Interesting.. thanks for your insight! Although, can you elaborate on the last method?

  3. Good tips, Sylva, thanks! I’m bookmarking this.

  4. Really enjoyed the article. These are some great tips. I’ll definitely give them a try. Thanks!

  5. Great advice. I’ve never been a fan of hit ’em hard. But I think a combination of the…method and the engagement of followers is a good idea. I’m fairly new to the social media world but that is the method I’ll implement and see what happens.

  6. Hmm…this sounds like some very good advice that I can see myself undertaking immediately. Thanks!

  7. Linda Petersen

    Finally someone sheds some light! Great post and I will test out your methods asap! I would love to work with you on an upcoming social networking project, feel free to contact me at my email I submitted.

  8. Thanks for this!! I’m going to try this method today for my blog lol

  9. i have two blogs:
    twice as much ish not being said correctly…

  10. This is a great article. I took a couple social media webinars that said blogging is very important whne it comes to being successful on Twitter. this made me jump into blogging more consistently. I use blogger.com, and I am not sire how to use the feature that allows only a portion of my blog on my homepage. Is that feature available on blogger.com? I have a lot of figuring out to do actually. 🙂 Thank you for this. I’ve only been active on Twitter for about 6 weeks and I love what I am learning from great follows like you.

  11. These are great tips that I will use. But I am not sure of how to analyze visits to my blog or how to allow only portions of my posts to show on my homepage. I use blogger.com. I still have a lot of work to do on my blog: http://www.embracetheimpossible.blogspot.com. I took two webinars on social media and they were saying blogging is crucial to being successful on Twitter, so I am trying to blog more consistently. Thanks for this article.

  12. Interesting….I have a WordPress add-in that Tweets when I post a new blog post, and I’ll occasionally follow up later in the day.

    I’ve recently started linking to a blog post I may have done on the topic if I re-tweet / quote another Tweet.

    I also Tweet the title / link of the current most popular story on my blog every now and again.

    because my blog is very much an ‘As I please’ sort of thing, I’m not that bothered about heavy footfall but I do find Twitter sends me readers!

  13. Angella Grise

    You would be crazy to not use more Twitter marketing

  14. There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

  15. Mandie Sanderlin

    Thanks for the post! People are crazy for not using more Twitter.

  16. Nice job Sylva! Sometimes when I’m blogging, I will quote from another blogger’s post, or even recommend another blogger. When I do this, I always send a DM to the people referenced in my post and they almost always RT. I may also send a DM to someone and ASK them to comment on a post if I think that they would have something important to add. You have to be careful here because I think you have to have an established relationship with someone before you can DM your post. I certainly wouldn’t recommend sending Twitter DMs in mass.

    I use the “method” in my e-newsletters and find that it really helps to generate click throughs to my blog. Hadn’t really thought about using it in a tweet, but I really like the idea-thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment! I hope you are able to get some higher response rates out of your e-newsletter. Check back with me and let me know how it goes. I have been doing some seriously cool stuff with my e-newlsetter. I’ll write a post on it soon. I LOVE e-newsletters and the power they hold (if you use the information you get from them correctly; where the people go after they leave your article – who forwarded the articles, what articles are being read, are you following up with your readers about your product that you are trying to sell etc.)
      Thanks again for your loyalty to my blog!

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