What are you doing with your Twitter lists?

I have had a lot of people ask me how I got listed so many times. At the time of this post, I had 88 listings on Twitter, however I believe that the reason I have been listed that much is because people have decided I fall into certain groups. Mostly, I have been listed as a social networking or marketing expert. I say thank you to everyone who thinks this, but the reason for todays post is “What are you doing with this information?”

Although it may seem like I have been listed a lot, really, I have not. There are some in the industry that have been listed thousands of times like Richard MacManus on Twitter, who has been listed over 4000 times.

So what I have decided a list is not good for is just following. I don’t necessarily think following someone else’s list is that great, because really if you are following it…then what? But what I do enjoy doing is seeing who people have listed as marketing experts and then go follow each of those folks individually.  They tend to follow me right back when I do this. Creating lists that are accurate is also important. I have lists that include entertainers, marketing people, people in specific geographic locations, and more. This is really done not for myself as much as for other tweeters who are looking to find people in their industry.

But what I would like to know from all of you is, how are you using the list format from Twitter? Have you found any good use of them? Do you find them annoying? Lets brainstorm together on how we can take the list feature to the next level!

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