Get your blog posts and links retweeted faster on Twitter

When I post my blog articles on Twitter I usually get about 10-50 reads depending on the time of day I send it and the leading text I use in the tweet. That can be half the battle. However, if you want to see major increases in your blog reads and pick up new followers of your blog, I have found a great tool that I would like to share with everyone. Some might say I am crazy for sharing this information, but lets be real, if you are not Mashable , then you can probably use all the help you can get!

So, what’s my big secret? Well, for some of you this may be old news, but to a good portion of you, it may be new news. First off, you need to have a Twitter account.  This is probably a no brainer if you have a blog, because you have already realized that every time you post your article that you get about 50% higher reads just from your followers by posting on Twitter alone. Next you need to follow the retweet accounts. What do I mean by that? Well, there are actually services on Twitter that will follow you back and allow you to DM (Direct Message) them and then all of your DM’s get sent out as RT’s! These followers have between 1000 and 34,000 followers, so your tweet is likely to be read by thousands in a matter of seconds. You’ll now have the ability to reach way more than what you had been reaching before…Yes, it’s that simple.

So to be clear, you simply follow the tweeters I have listed below. Once they follow you back, you’ll be able to send your tweets to them with your blog link or other information and they will send it out as a RT (retweet) with your name mentioned. Every time I post my blog articles on Twitter I immediately go to these followers and have them retweet it for me. I have seen increases by more than 50% since I started this about a month ago.

Here are the retweeters that I have found so far. If you know of more, please feel free to list them below for the rest of us.


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