The nightmares that marketers face

I was chatting with a good friend of mine yesterday about how she always appreciates all of my marketing advice. She said I was one of the smartest people in the industry she knew. It was a nice compliment, however I told her sometimes I find myself  having a reoccurring nightmare about not being able to take my own advice. What I mean is, when it comes to actually marketing my own services of being a leader in the industry, I sometimes find myself having trouble being as creative for my own business as I am for my clients businesses.

Her response was very encouraging and scary at the same time. You see, she works in the fitness industry. She commented that if she were someone who was overweight and trying to offer health advice to her clients, she would not be as credible as the next door vendor who was fit and offering the same advice. Although she said there are plenty of overweight fitness trainers, it is clear that her comment was well supported. I know for me, I sure would take her advice much quicker than the next person if they were not in tip top shape.

So what does all this have to do with us as marketers?
Well, it shows us that we always have to be on top of our marketing game. When we decide to create our own website, or our own marketing campaign to promote our services, well…it better be the best and show off our true talent or else our prospects will look at us like we’re crazy! When thinking about the design and launch of your website, remember that it is more than worth it to use all the bells and whistles and chug out that extra budget for the newest technology available. As far as a direct mail campaign, always keep in mind that if you can hold the end users attention, then you’ll be more likely to encourage them that you’ll be able to hold their customers attention as well.

Don’t be discouraged my marketing pals!
There is a way to get your creative juices flowing for yourselves, just as you have for the clients you have right now. The main focus has to be on technology and cutting edge call to actions. Also, think about the new methods of communication for your clients. Use those same methods that you would ask them to take a risk on in your own communication with them such as social networking and PURLS (personalized URLS) on direct mail pieces and magazine ads. These newer ideas are the latest in marketing technology. But ask yourself…”Have I really done all I can do for my own company in this area?” If the answer is no, then you’ve got a great way to prove out your ideas by testing them on your own company. What better way to convince your clients than to show them the response rate on your own company?

Don’t get compact in your creativity!
Make investments in the latest services to bring electronic newsletters, a variety of CRM’s, and high tech content management systems. If you are asking a client to take a risk and start a Twitter account that ties back to their website, and then to further market their company to even more social networks, yet you don’t have a Twitter account or haven’t sought out some of the newer social media outlets, then how can you expect your client to trust you? Don’t just stop at the common networks either. Remember when Twitter first came out? No one thought it would last. Try to be on top of your game and seek out the smaller venues on the web and then test those services with your own company. It will allow you to have more credibility and people will in turn, trust you.

There are the ways to fight the nightmares that we as marketers tend to have. What are you doing to fight them?


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2 responses to “The nightmares that marketers face

  1. Donnie

    Ms. Wilson,

    You have a really cool, helpful blog. I am always happy to see your posts.

    This is a good message that I can relate to. I am a copywriter, and I have only recently started marketing myself and my services. Gotta show off them writing skills by using them for myself before a client will give me much of a second look. I do direct mail, so it would be appropriate for prospects to meet me via direct mail to their door.

    You’re right, spending the money to get the best is a MUST if you want to look like a pro instead of an amateur.

    I think I agree with your friend: you are one smart marketer! As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and your heart.

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