5 responses to “What happens to your page when you delete it from a social network?

  1. Ok so where does the stuff go?? Did I miss it? Is it just in internet space????

    • Not sure my friend. But my guess is if you delete the page, it will still be indexed by search engines. Be careful what you join in other words if you don’t want to find it floating in cyberspace one day for your grandkids to find…unless you just don’t care!

  2. lylettep

    Like you I am not an expert on this but I wondered the same thing. Where does all the stuff you place on your profile in social networks go?

    What I have noticed is, whenever I Google my own name using inverted commas a trick a friend shared with me.

    I find a lot of the stuff that I posted both on Twitter and FB among other Social Networks in the over 1000 Google search results that come up just with my name.

    I also notice that many of my Social Network profiles come up in the results also. Like Myspace, Linkedin etc

    At first this bothered me but then I thought that if I wanted to get noticed online this is one of the hazards I have to face.

    It would be nice if someone who really knows where all this stuff goes can comment here and shed some light for the rest of us.

    But a good place to start is to Google your own “name” you may be surprised at what your will find.

    Thanks Sylva for the great post those of us with inquiring minds would sure love to know.

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