Recession meets angry marketers

Have you ever had one of those days as a corporate marketer when you just wanted to ask, “When is enough enough?” And yes, I ask you this even in a recession. Is it enough when everyone tells you (or yells at you) that you’re not getting enough of your projects done? Is it enough when you can’t hire more help because the budgets have all been cut? How about when your counterpart throws you under the bus, is that enough? These are things that a lot of my friends in the marketing world have been telling me about. Actually, most of my friends in marketing are telling me they are coming close to “blows” with their bosses. It seems that the easy target in most corporate businesses are the marketing directors, because when sales are down, rather than putting blame on the sales team, the people who are supposed to get the company message out are often looked at for fault. This recession is making executives that have big ego’s scared and forcing creative marketers to get angry.

So, that is my question for the day/week for the rest of you in the marketing world, or even other occupations. When do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel? For me, my passion is my job. The day I lose the passion is the day I throw in the towel. However, if someone on the job is harassing you…telling you that you’re not getting the job that you have slaved over isn’t good enough, then it may be time to re-evaluate either yourself or your job. Are you giving your passion and your job your all? If so, perhaps you are no longer a fit for your job. Perhaps you should consider moving on to another company, or even better starting your own company.

As for my friends who have been taking the heat from their bosses, I say stand up and tell them what your worth to the company is! If you bring value then show the value and make them aware of all your hard work! Never let a company push you around, even in this economy. No amount of money is worth your happiness. But, what are your thoughts? Is it unwise advice I am giving my pals?

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  1. I am dismayed and disappointed that this scenario is still prevalent in ALL industries. Something similar happened to me in my last work placement as an accounts office manager, when i was asked to manage the installation of a new unix accounting system in a medium sized Timber Importing business in the UK. I loved that job and ALL the challenges of moving from sales to accounting.
    A breakdown ensued, time off work and a redundancy notice hand posted thru my home letterbox around 6pm at night.
    Now i have moved on and plan to be a soul trader when i’ve learnt all i can from you and others to have a presence online and secure mine and my family’s future. God Bless the day you sent a mad and bitter (no longer) a tweet. Luv ya bones syl. X

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