Young kid needs marketing help from you!

I had a call the other day asking me to help out a friend’s son to promote their blog. It’s actually a beautiful site. I was super impressed. Sure I said. You need me to help with your keywords? Your meta tags? What’cha need buddy? But, nope, he didn’t want that. He wanted to know how I could help get him advertisers on his site. Hmmm…interesting. So, I asked him what his site was about. He said it was a site about boxing. Very cool site actually. So I asked him what advertisers he had so far…None…What was his draw then? He actually has a big draw believe it or not. He’s got all the top boxers (even a non-sports watcher like me recognizes the names like Cory Spinks and Floyd Mayweather that are all over his site with interviews both live audio and written) giving his exclusive interviews. This is a young kid who is a boxing enthusiast and I still am not sure how he did it, but major boxers are giving him interviews and talking smack to each other on his blog with live interviews on specific dates.

My question to you as marketing experts:

What advice would you give him? I did give him some..But I know you guys in the “Blogosphere” are much smarter than me and will get your creative juices flowing with this information. Please help and comment with your advice!

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