How are you using your Facebook and Twitter Lists?

I had an interesting conversation with my boss the other day. For those who don’t know, my boss and company I work for have been adamently against the use of social networking for business from day one. Well, now that they know that I have been using Twitter for us and gained about 100 strong leads (which are about to close for orders totally over $500K) they are very interested in what I’ve been up to. He wanted to know how we could leverage Twitter for an upcoming trade show. His concern was how we could target certain states. Lucky for him, I had already created segments based on states in Twitter. So my question to pose to all of you is, how are you using your lists in Twitter?

What I do is create lists based on specific demographics that my specific business targets. Then when an event is happening in a state that is coming up, I tweet to those folks in that list what’s coming up.  You can create lists in Twitter by clicking on “New List” on the right hand column in Twitter and then when you add a new follower just click on the radio dial over to the far right of their name and add them to that list, or create a new one from that same location.

In Facebook you can apply this same targeting method using the “Friends Lists.” This is particularly important for all of the businesses on Facebook. It’s pretty important to be able to send out offers and information to specific demographics at one time. Since people on Facebook give soooo much data on their pages you can really create some interesting lists. Now that we can see everyone’s “Likes” it will take you no time at all to create lists that define very specific groups of people. Once you’ve got your lists in Facebook, you can actually block certain groups from seeing one offer to one group and vise versa. The new era of marketing has arrived and social media is the tip of our iceberg folks!

So my question to you is, “How are you using your lists?”

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