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Facebook Face Recognition? What’ll they think of next? Yep…It’s coming!

So you may have noticed in your privacy setting a little section that is blurred out and says, “Suggest photo’s of me to friends,” and then it either has edit rights or it says “This is not yet available to you,” like mine does. Well, no worries, it’s rolling out to all Facebook users over the next few weeks. But your probably wondering “WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN FOR ME???”

I’ll tell ya!

Facebook has installed face recognition software into its system so that when you upload photo’s of you, your friends, and family, they can now suggest “tags” so that you don’t have to go through the process of tagging people. I suppose for some this can be very handy, I know with a lot of “promotors,” when they have to TAG a photo of an event, this would be nice because now Facebook will remember (in theory) the last event photo and all who were TAGGED would be automatically suggested for the next event.  Or if you have an upload of a large party and you have several friends who you have tagged previously, Facebook will suggest their names.

However, if you have a very “PRIVATE” page similar to mine, you may want to disable this function. You already know Facebook thought this through and has put in the ability to “LOCK OUT” the face recognizer from your Facebook buddies. Because really….some of us don’t want our pals randomly tagging us in their photo’s.  I know I get tired of going through and “Untagging.” hahaha! Just kidding! Stay tuned for more updates on this feature!



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Want to get rid of the likes on your Facebook page? Easy!

I hear ya on that!! I had to search high and low for a minute but I found it. So what do you do when you accidentally like one too many pages on Facebook or you click one of those stupid pictures that you just HAD to click on and then all of the sudden you found out from your friends that you’ve liked a zillion pages…well to “unlike” a page or pages, here are the instructions:

Step 1.

Log in your account

Step 2.

On the top right click your profile tab, (see arrow in image below) then below your profile photo, click the info tab.


Next, you’ll want to scroll almost all the way down until you get to a section called “Activities and Interests.” You should be able to click the little pencil next to this section on the right hand side which will allow you to edit all the “likes” that you’ve either purposely or accidentally “Liked” on Facebook.

Example 2

This next page is a little tricky only because you might think it didn’t work. If you have a lot of likes like me you’ll need to click on the “show other pages” link and then you’ll get your likes. See below:

And FINALLY you can get to the COVETED Facebook “Like” pages!!! Now you can remove the ones you don’t want! Here is the screen shot of what it will look like. Have fun and hopefully Facebook will stop changing things on us so we can know where the heck things are!

If you want to just stop people from knowing “What you like,” but you still want to keep your “Likes” in your profile for you to view and no one else to see, then the instructions are within your privacy settings. To do this go to Privacy, then at the top left of the page next to connecting on FB click view settings, under “See my likes, activities and other connections” change that to “only me.”


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