Is Your Marketing Plan…Normal?

Tonight my 4 year old was screaming at the top of her lungs to her sister “I’m not normal!’ As usual I went to scream back and ask why are you screaming in my house…Okay, maybe there is another story there in the screaming…but the point is this. Her next response. “Mommy, I’m trying to tell sissy that I’m not normal because every one of my cut outs are different on purpose.” I asked her what she meant and she further explained, “Mommy, I make cut out phones and each one is different. Some have a long handle and some have buttons to push and some have dots that I drew on. But they are all different because I don’t want to be normal. I want to be different and make sure that each phone stands out.”

I just stared at her for a second. Then I thought for another second..”That’s my baby,” haha! But on a serious note, is your marketing plan too “normal?”  And what is your definition of “normal?” Interesting right? We all know that in today’s market, we have to be innovative, we have to stand out. So how do you do it? You’ve got to remember how important social media and new technology are in this day and age.

When you think of the internet and your marketing…what do you think? Are you only thinking Facebook and Twitter? Or do you go beyond that and think about all the new innovative applications available on the internet that may catapult your business ahead of the competition? If you’re stuck in a rut or cannot get your business to believe in “Technology Forward” thinking, try at least utilizing the awesome app’s available to Facebook and Twitter that will enhance your marketing experience. Definitely try using the “reveal” app that allows certain information to be shown on your fan page. Are you engaging with your facebook fans? Do you even know how to receive alerts when they engage with you on your fan page? Here is a link to help you and provides notifications. Perhaps it’s time to grow your current fan base. You know you want quality followers, yet you want to have more. So what do you do? (besides hire me).

Instead of a powerpoint, maybe try using some of the more advance methods of presentations. Maybe outsource this service so that you can capitalize on other strengths within your organization, or use one of the more technological means of presenting using things like PREZI which is my personal favorite. 

So hopefully you have taken notice to all the links above. Those are there to help you on your journey. I really hope they help you start to “think outside…or inside the box” as far as normal goes.  Of course before taking on these types of innovative marketing, you’ll want to educate yourself so you don’t fail at it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out right away, these things take time and a lot of research. You can get inundatedwith all the new tools available, so you might want to get a consultant to tell you what works best for you. If you want to manage all your social networks for instance, you can try using pluggio or socialoomph. That tool is offered for free, however the paid version will give you some extra tools, that may or may not be right for you.

So…again I (or my 4 year old does) ask…Is your marketing campaign normal?

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