Morning Cup of…Facebook?

I got to wondering today. “What’s the first thing normal people do in the morning?” I mean..for me, it’s wake up, log into Facebook and see if I have any messages, then see what everyone else is chatting about (there could be some happening news ya know), then check to see if my fan page has any questions or leads. After that I hit up Twitter…This process lasts for about the first half hour of my morning before I ever leave the house. So I started to wonder…Am I the weirdo here or is this fairly normal? I mean…Surely EVERYONE logs in each morning right?

This obsession lasts throughout the day however, as I really do feel it’s normal to hear the buzz on my phone each time I receive a comment or am tagged in a photo (heck who’m I kidding? I LOVE the sound of the buzz!). I regularly pick up my phone to check those messages, and even when I am just sitting randomly in the doctors office..I check my newstream as if there is some super important stuff going on. Sometimes I worry that my newstream is my source of news. Yikes right? Or is it a yikes situation? I mean, if you use Twitter as much as me, then you know that most breaking news happens at least 24 hours earlier on Twitter. It’s becoming the place to go for news.  (Did I really just validate my addiction?)

Well, that’s how I feel anyway, but you tell me…

How many people find themselves as addicted to social media as I am? Please respond in the comments, Facebook me, or Tweet me @sylwilson and let me know if you too are as obnoxious about social media as I am. (sheesh even still, I can’t stay off! LOL!)

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  1. zmfrederick

    Interesting article. Sometimes I tend to check my facebook way too much during the way. I wrote an article about this habit here: Check it out if you’re interested!

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