How Do You Measure Your Website?

I was talking to a prospect the other day about their very well designed website. I asked them how was their traffic doing on their website. They could not answer me. I asked them what pages were most visited? They did not know. I said, “Well what analytics software do you have loaded on your website?” and guess what? They said they did not know.

You can guess how this conversation went. This prospect was converted into a client within about 60 seconds. But that wasn’t my goal. As you well know, my goal is not to turn people into clients who don’t have knowledge, but rather to educate. This is the whole reason for my blog. So I ask you in 2012, how are you measuring your website success? If you have a content management system in place, usually there is free software of some sort that your administrator can install for you that can be super cool; however, there is free analytics software that I have not seen anything beat which is google analytics.

Google Analytics is free, easy to install and has all kinds of tutorials online as to how to install, and even how to get really cool reporting for different management teams within your organization. There is no reason to not know which pages on your website are getting the most hits, which pages are not getting viewed at all, and what pages are being exited from the quickest. Would it not serve you well to know which page your potential buyers were leaving your site from the quickest and most frequently? For instance, if every time everyone got to a page that talks about sparkly beaded hair pins, don’t you think it might be time to take that item down from your page? Maybe you should put a different item up if everyone keeps leaving once they see the sparkly beaded hair pin!

Install the website analytics and then let me know what type of interesting data you find out about your website. I’m sure you will be able to be a better marketer!


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2 responses to “How Do You Measure Your Website?

  1. Reblogged this on A.PR.Firm and commented:
    This is excellent. Those just starting out this is very helpful!

  2. Thanks for reblogging it! There are a lot of folks who don’t realize the power of their own website! Let me know if you need any assistance and good luck!

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