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Memorial Day Marketing

It’s a holiday weekend, and what better way to reach your customers than by using the holiday! It’s a great way to capitalize on the day without having to get that creative. Remember to be respectful of everyone during each holiday and not offend, but in America we all LOVE to celebrate Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day Syl Wilson Marketing is giving a 10% Discount on all Facebook covers for instance for the holiday. What’s your special? Happy Holiday to you and keep on marketing!!

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Do You Or Don’t You….Pinterest

So you may be asking yourself, “Do I join Pinterest as a business or don’t I,” and you should know there are many thinking just like you. The important thing to note is that there are even more who are not thinking like you. They’ve already joined! Pinterest has quickly jumped to the number two spot in social media with 17.8 million users as of February. That’s an increase of over 4000% from May of last year!! Pinterest even won the 50 best websites in “Time Magazine.” Now that’s impressive! What’s better is that ComScore has also reported that Pinterest is growing steadily in Europe as well. This means…it’s time for businesses to Continue reading


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Graphic Designs Musts

Graphic Design MUST support and strengthen the copy message.

What does that mean? Your design needs to be easy to scan, there needs to be a focal point allowing users to quickly see what’s important and where to begin, and it needs to be easy to read. A good point is to focus on communication not the decoration. That’ll get you every time! Do you know what the graphic eye gaze pattern is? It can vary based on the media, however basic studies have shown that pictures have dominance, using headlines is secondary and the body copy is the last piece of the gaze.

So what draws the eye in?

Photos with people will draw in the eye before a product or object shot. Living rather than inanimate objects are best so use people as much as possible on your piece. Knowing that larger illustrations will draw the eye before smaller will allow your gaze to go Continue reading

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Leveraging Smart Phones for Business

How many of you are in business and want to know how you can reach more of your prospects using technology that already is out there? In the past as marketers, we’d buy a list, mail to that list, and possibly follow up with a closing item to those who were Continue reading

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