Do You Or Don’t You….Pinterest

So you may be asking yourself, “Do I join Pinterest as a business or don’t I,” and you should know there are many thinking just like you. The important thing to note is that there are even more who are not thinking like you. They’ve already joined! Pinterest has quickly jumped to the number two spot in social media with 17.8 million users as of February. That’s an increase of over 4000% from May of last year!! Pinterest even won the 50 best websites in “Time Magazine.” Now that’s impressive! What’s better is that ComScore has also reported that Pinterest is growing steadily in Europe as well. This means…it’s time for businesses to all jump on board.

Some businesses have decided against Facebook or Twitter, and we understand that. Not all social media is for all businesses or industries. You have to first understand your audience and figure out if they are going to interact. The thing is, figuring out where to be and also, making sure to have a presence. Pinterest is an online pinboard that users can compile digital images and share them with the world. Users then re-pin the images and share them with their followers and so on. Essentially you could share an image with millions in a few short seconds. What’s most important is to link the image somewhere on your website. Why? Because think about all those people, those millions of people on Pinterest who are literally clicking images to see “more” about that image…if you are selling eye makeup for example, you could put the shadow on the board as the image and link it back to the website where they can order the eye shadow. Or if it’s a book, perhaps you’d put the book cover on the board with a link back to your website with a small excerpt about the book. If you are selling artwork, post up an image and then link back to the website where they can order a print. The possibilities are endless.

Pinterest has changed the game for websites. Because you’ll find that a good portion of your traffic is suddenly coming from Pinterest! Now, how do you capitalize on that? Are you sending them to the right section of your website and can you keep them there? That’ll take some strategic work with your website if yours is not up to par, but you can do it! Just remember not to use sales pitches too much as the community within Pinterest is one that is protective of spam. It’s okay to post images of your product, you just have to do it passionately on the boards to create a brand that is recognized on the second largest growing social network.

As with most of the social networks, you can gauge your work with the number of likes and repins. If they are high, you are likely doing something right. If they are low or none at all, it’s time to try something different. With so much opportunity to visually show your product and direct traffic to your website¬†immediately, I think this is an excellent opportunity to any business.


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