Be Careful What You Post…The Internet Is Forever

I have said it time and time again…Be careful and mindful of what you are posting online as it will come back to bite you in the you know what! I have been hearing several horror stories lately of youngsters who have posted less than flattering photos of themselves or pictures of themselves with alcohol while underage and losing scholarships to college. I shake my head at the carelessness that is given when people click the “publish” or “update” button.

I was caused to pause today when someone shared a story that is not new news, but just reminds me that I need to continually encourage people young and mature that the internet is like a diary with all of your secrets and if it falls into the hands of the wrong person…it can be spread within a few seconds just from one person clicking the “share” button. The latest story I heard about was about a gal named “Vodka Samm” who made the unfortunate mistake of living recklessly in college by partying pretty much every day and posting the evidence of her escapades online via “Vine” and “Twitter.” Huffington Post shows in an interview with 20/20, Vodka Samm acknowledges her poor mistakes and judgements and tells her story. I highly recommend that everyone watch this video, learn from it, and share it with pretty much everyone you know. Why everyone you ask? Well, just as soon as I think that mature adults have enough sense not to do something…they do it.

Please watch the video…and share. Feel free to comment if you too have had some type of horror story of your own or with a friend or family member.

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