New E-Commerce Website Launched for Syl’s Art – Sylvester Peebles

18320602_10155349051170820_6522580048473270247_oSeveral months ago, the most important client of my life asked me to design a website to showcase his art collection. It was my hero, my father! How could I say no? My dad, Sylvester Peebles, has been drawing and painting for as long as I’ve been alive. He has had artwork showcased in the St. Louis Art Museum and won first place in several art shows over the past few decades. One funny story he shared with me was the time he and my sister entered the same contest for art, (I think it was the Creve Coeur Days art show) and he said that he won second place and my sister (who would have been about 7 years-old) won first place. The only issue with that was first place won $100 and second place won a ribbon. My sister was crying because she did not want money; she wanted the ribbon. Ah to be young again.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 5.13.48 PMBack to the original point of this post. My dad asked me to design a website for him. Like magic, I did! To ensure that he had the best possible website, I created a “WordPress website,” so that we could load it up with fancy plugins and use all of the appropriate keywords and tags. So far, his site is doing very well according to the google analytics that we’ve added but we will be adding many new things over the coming weeks as well.

The site is responsive, includes a “store” using woo commerce and has a plugin to view all of his recent artwork on Instagram. Phase II of the website will include more sophistication with the store, detailed descriptions of each of the art pieces and email registration forms for fans and special discount coupons.

If you would like to learn more please visit:

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