Finessed, Powered by TBeats – A New Venue In St. Louis

rendering-small-webRecently, Syl Wilson Marketing was chosen to assist with marketing and advertising for Tony Thompson, current CEO of Kwame Building Group and TBeats Studios, with his new business venture called “Finessed Powered by TBeats.” The new company will host a wide variety of events from its first floor location in the heart of Downtown St. Louis. With gated patio seating and live performances from string quartets, jazz musicians and spoken word performers, the venue is SURE to be a SHOW STOPPER and cause St. Louisans to stop, pause and learn more about the exciting new venue.

Finessed Powered by TBeats is located at 1204 Washington Avenue at the entrance to the busiest corner in the downtown district. The new venue will be used for private events, team building corporate events, live music venues and will even have a full kitchen with incredible opportunities for local chefs.


New Patio just added to the corner of Washington and Tucker

Imagine walking the streets of downtown and hearing your favorite melody from Les Misérables   or one of your favorite jazz bands and as you get closer you find that they are giving a free performance right on the patio of Finessed Powered by TBeats! You notice there are tables and chairs so you have a seat. Then you find the sweet aromas coming from inside and find out that there is a chef working who you’ve never heard of being creative with his own delicious creations for an inexpensive price. You order and head back out to the patio while enjoying a glass of spiced iced tea. THAT is the POWER of Finessed!

Every two weeks a different local chef will have the opportunity to rotate into the state-of-the-art kitchen and guests can sample foods from all over the region. Because Tony Thompson’s personal goal to create as many entrepreneurs as possible in our region, he is building out the kitchen for up and coming Chef’s who can’t afford to open their own restaurant. Here, they have the opportunity to rent the kitchen. space on a bi-weekly or bi-monthly basis and earn income to build their own restaurant while showcasing their talents in the kitchen today. Alternatively,  restaurants on the Washington strip may partner for a “Best of Washington” menu where guests can order from and food can be delivered while they enjoy the live music and performances.

Likewise, daily live performances will rotate in and out with performers such as Sistasol’ Chile, Delta Sol Revival, The Gateway Gurus and many more. St. Louis was once known as the Music Mecca for Motown artists and we still are a place where incredibly talented artists live. With TBeats Studios just upstairs from the venue, what better way to let ALL of St. Louis check out local artists, than by having live concerts on the patio! We can still be that Music Mecca and expose the creative music and artistic geniuses that are right in our own backyard. Wall advertisement will be available to businesses in the downtown district with a digital billboard that will be installed in the winter of 2017.

For corporate events, Finessed Powered by TBeats will offer the space to be used for team building and boot camp style events including a CEO dunking booth which will be available for use on the patio so that employees can really have fun with their bosses! Imagine an outdoor team building day that is secure and fun!

The Finessed Powered by TBeats venue is meant to be the corner that brings all of the businesses in Downtown St. Louis together to expose all that we have for residents and visitors! Learn more by visiting and book your next event today!

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