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Recently I saw a new television show on HBO called “The Shop,” which is about a barber shop in the African American community that Lebron James hosts, and has interesting conversations with other African American celebrities. In African American communities, the barber shop is where people go to have discussions about politics, the economy, family dynamics, who makes the best macaroni and cheese and more. It’s a little known fact in that community that when you walk into “The Shop,” you are likely to be made to feel safe, at home and have incredible conversations about anything ranging from last nights football game to how best to handle a problem in your family.

It’s a staple in the Black community and something that can be unusual to those who have never visited one. HBO’s new show, “The Shop,” goes in depth of these conversations and has a certain level of comedy, heart felt moments and more.

So why did I write about it? About 7 years ago a friend of mine contacted me to discuss starting a YouTube show that was about the experience that happens in the black community inside of a barber shop. Guess what he wanted to call it? Yep, you guessed it…”The Shop.” We talked in depth about it and decided it would be super because there are so many who would watch from our community and then it would peek anyone else’s attention just because it’s not something that other communities are used to seeing or hearing.

That friend kept waiting to start his YouTube show and here we are 7 years later and the very idea he had has taken off with a celebrity who we all know and adore, Lebron James. AND to top it all off, HBO picked up the show and it’s sure to be one of the most watched shows this year.

I’m sharing this story to remind you, that when you are first given an idea you should jump on that moment and let it flourish. Imagine if my friend had started his show and Lebron saw it. Perhaps he would have reached out and asked to partner with him or to buy the rights to the show.

We all have ideas that flow through is throughout every day and some of them are good and some are bad. The thing is, when you don’t act on the good ones, you leave that door open to someone else to have the idea and turn it into the next big million dollar idea.

As Mel Robbins says, you’ve got 5 seconds to make a thought into an action. Don’t wait on it. Act on it.

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