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Hive Cafe in Ferguson – Coffee with Syl

Today’s co-working space happened at Hive café located in Ferguson, MO. This café features a breakfast and lunch menu, (lunch menu is limited to sandwiches and salads) and is open from 8 AM to 3 PM daily. They have an interesting menu including cereal. Yes, regular cereal with milk! They do you have Wi-Fi so you can feel free to bring your laptop and work and as long as it’s not too terribly busy, you probably could even have a meeting here I came at 12:30 in the afternoon ordered a chicken sandwich (it was delicious). I would put a picture of the food up, but I ate it too fast. It was that good! The service was friendly and there were only three other patrons there while I was there.

Since I got there around the lunch hour, I did not order a coffee, but I saw that they had plenty of coffee options as well. There’s plenty of parking and it’s located in the downtown Fergason area.

I would give hive café four out of five stars.

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Coffee with Syl – Latte Lounge

On this episode of coffee with Syl, we visited Latte Lounge located in Florissant Missouri. They have a second location in downtown St. Louis located on Washington Avenue that features a full kitchen and is open for brunch daily. 

Today, we went to the Florissant location that offers delicious coffee including coffee flights (yes I said flights – like with wine) and although they do not carry food, the customer service and location is spot on for my needs. The area is about 500 ft.² and there are roughly 8 to 10 tables located in the facility. The coffee is delicious and on my visit, there were no other patrons, so it was very quiet and easy to work from. 

I would give Latte Lounge in Florissant 3.5 stars, mainly because the seating is uncomfortable and they don’t have food (and you know I like to eat), but from the location standpoint, it’s perfect for me because it’s close to home and I’m always looking for more coffee shops in Florissant and North County overall. This is right off of Lindbergh Blvd. near Parker Road. It’s a great spot for working if you don’t need a lot of space.

Check them out online here:

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Entrepreneur Life – Coffee Journeys

One of the fun parts of being an entrepreneur/Solopreneur is that you can work from anywhere you want 

I like to work in unique places that inspire creativity and ideas, and usually, that happens at coffee shops around the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

Over the next several months, I will be posting some of those coffee shops, as St. Louis has some of the absolute best! Many of my colleagues join me at these coffee shops, so occasionally I may feature a photo with some fun folks in them. Typically I don’t stay at one coffee shop through the day, I usually go from one to another to allow for the inspiration to truly flow by having a change of scenery.  

This morning I had coffee at Revo Cup located in Olivette, Missouri.

Revo Cup boasts Ethiopian coffee and delightful delicacies, even some that are gluten-free and vegan! The environment is warm and open, but there is only seating for maybe 20 people; however, that’s perfect for someone like me as I don’t want to hear a lot of noise while I work. 

Revo Cup is located right at Highway 170 and Olive (it’s the old Starbucks), so it’s easy to find but not so easy to park primarily because the strip mall it is in has a lot of restaurants in it, and it tends to get pretty busy by 10:30 in the morning from the lunch crowd coming in.

I highly recommend Revo cup, because the service was incredible. The food was great (I had the lemon pound cake), and the coffee was superb. 

Check me out next time and see where Syl Wilson Marketing™ is working from next!

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