Hive Cafe in Ferguson – Coffee with Syl

Today’s co-working space happened at Hive café located in Ferguson, MO. This café features a breakfast and lunch menu, (lunch menu is limited to sandwiches and salads) and is open from 8 AM to 3 PM daily. They have an interesting menu including cereal. Yes, regular cereal with milk! They do you have Wi-Fi so you can feel free to bring your laptop and work and as long as it’s not too terribly busy, you probably could even have a meeting here I came at 12:30 in the afternoon ordered a chicken sandwich (it was delicious). I would put a picture of the food up, but I ate it too fast. It was that good! The service was friendly and there were only three other patrons there while I was there.

Since I got there around the lunch hour, I did not order a coffee, but I saw that they had plenty of coffee options as well. There’s plenty of parking and it’s located in the downtown Fergason area.

I would give hive café four out of five stars.

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