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Picking your PURL for your Direct Mail Campaign

I remember the first direct mail campaign I ever did involving a PURL.  It was for a machine tool that I wanted to show with a great price.  In order to sell machine tools, we tend to not ever show “pricing” on our campaigns and it also just happens to be one of the hardest things to make an ad “sexy”. So we decided to make this particular campaign the campaign that was “Setting Sail” and you didn’t want to miss the boat…What? It was catchy!

The fun part of this campaign was that we put the machines on a boat in the ocean and it looked like they were really setting sail…but we had very low response rate on these mailers.  We also put pricing on these mailers because we decided that perhaps this one time…it could work.  What we found was instead of leading with price, we just needed to lead with what customers really wanted to know about. In our case the audience wants to know why these high dollar capital pieces of equipment were worthy of their almighty dollar in a tight economy.

In another campaign for the same company we chose a waterjet machine (these machines cut steel, titanium, anything with water – very cool stuff – you should learn about this. Click here to watch a short video. Anyway, back to the direct mail piece. What we did was concentrate on the audience more this time. The audience of this machine happens to be into Harley motorcycles and the machine that we were selling just so happens to cut a lot of the parts on the motorcycle “Harley Davidson”. So we did an entire campaign around this and the PURL reflected this. The mailer had a Harley motorcycle on the front of the postcard and so did the landing page that PURL directed the customer to.

Everything is personalized once the cusotmer gets to their site and that’s the beauty of the PURL. They feel like you know them. If you have a good database, you can do this. If you know your audience, which 9 times out of 10 you do, you just need to organize your information into one place, then you can target your customers in a way that makes you seem like you understand your customer and care about them more than your competetion ever could. And in this day and age, that my friends is exactly what we all MUST do!

Hope this is helping someone!

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What is a PURL anyway?

So…What I am good at is marketing using PURL’s.  I LOVE them.  But your first question is probably – “What the heck is a PURL?”  A PURL is a “Personalized URL” or better even said it’s simply  a personalized way to target customers.  For those who still don’t understand, a URL is the address in the “Address Bar” that you type everytime you want to visit a website.  So, if you want to target a specific audience like I do in direct mail and use PURL’s what you would do is simply upload a list of some sort into a CMS System on your website (you do need a little list management and website coding to do this on the front end) But basically, what I do is simply merge the list with the mailer so that the PURL’s match up, I create creative campaigns that make sense for the “PURL” to even work.  So if we’re talking about Financing your future for tomorrow, the PURL might read http::// 

It’s very important for the PURL to connect with the targeted customer as much as the message to connect. If the two don’t connect, then you’ve missed the boat.  I will explain in further detail how PURL’s work in later posts.  Why? It’s my passion! Let me know if you want further info!

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