Be Careful What You Post…The Internet Is Forever

I have said it time and time again…Be careful and mindful of what you are posting online as it will come back to bite you in the you know what! I have been hearing several horror stories lately of youngsters who have posted less than flattering photos of themselves or pictures of themselves with alcohol while underage and losing scholarships to college. I shake my head at the carelessness that is given when people click the “publish” or “update” button.

I was caused to pause today when someone shared a story that is not new news, but just reminds me that I need to continually encourage people young and mature that the internet is like a diary with all of your secrets and if it falls into the hands of the wrong person…it can be spread within a few seconds just from one person clicking the “share” button. The latest story I heard about was about a gal named “Vodka Samm” who made the unfortunate mistake of living recklessly in college by Continue reading

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Picture in Picture in iMovie – A How To

It’s been a while since I gave any instructions on anything so I thought I would start with something that I love. iMovie! A lot of us have migrated to the MAC platform (or MAC with windows running on Parallels), and that being the case, it’s opened the door for a lot of cool programs such as iMovie.

The nice thing about the MAC platform is that you practically can start using any of the software and not need any instructions at all. Well, with iMovie that’s true as well, however there are some cool functions that can assist you and make you look like a total pro. Have you heard of Picture in Picture? Totally rocks!

To use it you’ll need to go into the preferences in iMovie and turn on “Show Advanced Tools.”

See Example here:










Now you take the clip from the bottom row and drag it on top of where you want to put it and once you let go of your mouse, you’ll get a ton of options. (See below)











Choose Picture in Picture and then done – and your done! There are some other options that will make it refined, but you get the idea! Cool right!


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Baby Clydesdale Makes News In Marketing Ad

Recently, Budweiser had a commercial run during the Super Bowl. Very creative! They offered the public a chance to name the baby Clydesdale and today they released the name of that baby as…..(*insert drumroll here*) Hope!

If you haven’t seen the commercial which was my personal favorite, you can watch it here:

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Missing Some of Your Facebook Likes? Don’t Worry It’s All For The Good!

A lot of folks have been emailing and asking me about their Facebook business pages losing likes. Found this article today from Web Pro News and thought I would share it. Take a read and rest assured, this is all for the better.

Facebook is cracking down on something they deem harmful to the integrity of their site, and your fans may be in danger.

You may have experienced a small dip in the total likes on your Facebook page in the last couple of days and yes, it does mean that people are fleeing your page. Why have you suddenly become so unpopular? Continue reading

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Memorial Day Marketing

It’s a holiday weekend, and what better way to reach your customers than by using the holiday! It’s a great way to capitalize on the day without having to get that creative. Remember to be respectful of everyone during each holiday and not offend, but in America we all LOVE to celebrate Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day Syl Wilson Marketing is giving a 10% Discount on all Facebook covers for instance for the holiday. What’s your special? Happy Holiday to you and keep on marketing!!

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Do You Or Don’t You….Pinterest

So you may be asking yourself, “Do I join Pinterest as a business or don’t I,” and you should know there are many thinking just like you. The important thing to note is that there are even more who are not thinking like you. They’ve already joined! Pinterest has quickly jumped to the number two spot in social media with 17.8 million users as of February. That’s an increase of over 4000% from May of last year!! Pinterest even won the 50 best websites in “Time Magazine.” Now that’s impressive! What’s better is that ComScore has also reported that Pinterest is growing steadily in Europe as well. This means…it’s time for businesses to Continue reading


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Graphic Designs Musts

Graphic Design MUST support and strengthen the copy message.

What does that mean? Your design needs to be easy to scan, there needs to be a focal point allowing users to quickly see what’s important and where to begin, and it needs to be easy to read. A good point is to focus on communication not the decoration. That’ll get you every time! Do you know what the graphic eye gaze pattern is? It can vary based on the media, however basic studies have shown that pictures have dominance, using headlines is secondary and the body copy is the last piece of the gaze.

So what draws the eye in?

Photos with people will draw in the eye before a product or object shot. Living rather than inanimate objects are best so use people as much as possible on your piece. Knowing that larger illustrations will draw the eye before smaller will allow your gaze to go Continue reading

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Leveraging Smart Phones for Business

How many of you are in business and want to know how you can reach more of your prospects using technology that already is out there? In the past as marketers, we’d buy a list, mail to that list, and possibly follow up with a closing item to those who were Continue reading

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Cool New App for Concert Fans

What if you could take all of your old ticket stubs from your past and create an online scrap book of them? What would that be worth to you? Imagine a place to put all your photo’s from concerts of your past with your friends to put in one place to keep the memories together…Well, now there is an app for that!

Introducing Stage Page

Stage Page was released earlier last week for the ipad and from everything I’ve seen it’s fully FUN and has all the makeups of the biggest thing to hit the internet since…well…maybe Pinterest! It’s free and you can download it today. Why are so many downloading it? Check out the features:

  • Upload a picture of your ticket stub and crop to ticket shape
  • Upload concert pics
  • Upload video from the show
  • Edit photos and videos
  • Document who was there
  • Add the concert set list
  • Add commentary/observations from the show
  • Pick a background for your StagePage from multiple choices
  • Return to your scrolling list of StagePages at any time

StagePage uses the amazing photo editing software, Aviary.  With this you can edit pictures and videos by improving the image quality automatically, adding effects, and more.

Of course, after you have created your StagePage, you must share it with all of your friends.  StagePage is setup to share via Facebook, Twitter, and email!

StagePage is going to allow you to FINALLY clean out your junk drawer & toss all of those old school photo albums.  

Official StagePage website:

I even found a cool video from the creator of the app that we can watch – very cool stuff!

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Why Every Business Owner Needs A Mentor Relationship Program

The power of a mentor is immeasurable.

What is a mentor you ask? The dictionary says mentor means someone who guides another to greater success.



When I first went into marketing many years ago the president of the company I worked for at the time, set me up with my first mentor, Angela Flotken, Marketing Manager of Buckingham Asset Management. I was very hesitant to meet with her because first of all, I was new to the marketing industry, and second of all, I did not want to appear like I didn’t know what I was doing. I was scared that she would see right through me and frankly, I did not know what this whole mentor thing was about. I was  just told to go meet with her and that she would be my new mentor.

Well, thank goodness she was my first mentor, because she was as kind and as nurturing of a mentor as anyone could ask for. She taught me everything I would need to know about the functions of being a marketing manager, and more importantly she taught me the importance of reading to stay at the forefront of my department. I was always a reader, but the books she handed me were different; “The Purple Cow” by Seth Godin, and “TheBig Moo.” Both of these books shaped the way I designed our marketing department in the early years and still have an impact on my every day life as I continue to try to be “remarkable,” each day.

Angela would always say to me that I could do anything I wanted.  She told me to remember that it was not impossible to get everything done, and to outsource. I was so afraid of that word. “Outsource.” It would later become my best friend.



My next mentor, and now one of my closest friends, Barry Rogers, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for Haas Factory Outlet, has impacted my life in ways that I never expected. His industry is manufacturing. He has a background as an executive for over 40 years.Barry has introduced me to movers and shakers for the past few years, but that’s not really where his impact really made a difference in my life. My life was most impacted with Barry from our relationship on a spiritual level. Although we do meet monthly about business related topics, we also have conversations every now and then that impact me that go very deep into religion.Barry has helped me grow closer to God. Having someone to talk to about religion and to ask questions to that is a friend, is one of the best feelings you can ever have. Having someone to pray with about things happening on your job, in your marriage, and in your children’s lives is…well, its one of the best darn things you can imagine. This alone is a reason to have a mentor relationship. I did not know when I met Barry that this would be the type of mentor relationship we would have, nor did he. It started out as him teaching me all about marketing from a manufacturing level and how to reach people globally. Now our relationship is one where I can call him at the drop of a dime, and know that we can talk about any issue I have whether it’s to figure out the best way to handle a situation or to pray for a co-worker.



I met Kim Crouch when I was co-hosting my radio show several years ago on WGNU. She actually was a guest on my show. Then many years later we reconnected and she needed some marketing help. However, the relationship quickly turned from needing help to me wanting to just turn the faucet on and overwhelm her with more than just what she was asking for. Sometimes in life you will find people who you want to give your all to. Those people are the ones who you are connected to for some divine reason. Enter my next mentor, Kim Crouch, Attorney at Law. Who knew at the time she was an attorney, a successful business owner, a real estate owner of multiple homes that she rents out, and a best seller author of several books. This was divinely ordered indeed! We were fast friends and have been attached at the hip ever since 2009 when she advised me to start my own business. She was one of the first people to  say to me, “Syl, you should start your own thing, you can do it!” Next thing you know….I had a business in about two months and was pushing out websites left and right! Kim taught me several things as my mentor, one of the best tools she gave me was goal setting and also financial advice (that was much needed). Kim has actually given seminars on financial strategies so the fact that she would guide me on my road to success with my finances was very rewarding. Without Kim’s expertise and her loving way of coaching me with a stern hand, I might not be where I am today. Just the other day, I was waivering back and forth as to whether or not I should bend with pricing or not. Kim helped me to understand that I have come to a point in my life that allows me to be able to charge a specific price point based on my own knowledge and creativity. If someone does not want to pay for my creativity they have an option to go elsewhere. Wow…Kim has always had a way with words. Kim has become an extended member of my family. I could not imagine how my business would work without her and quite frankly I can’t imagine a friendship without her.



Alyson Kendall, Vice President of Business Development at Feature Group, is one of my favorite mentors. Without her, I can say that I would not know any of the technology available on the internet today. Alyson knows everything about everything when it comes to technology. She told me what classes to take so that I would be ahead of the competition and also allowed me to come sit with her one on one so that I could learn from her regarding programming and design several times over the past few years. Whether I needed to learn about cascading style sheets, grid 960, drupal coding, or video editing, Alyson knows EVERYTHING! Her clients range from Maytag to names I’m not at liberty to mention. So trust me, she can make code do anything including turn your website into liquid GOLD! (and she taught me how to do it all out of the kindness of her heart!)

When I started my business I went into this because a lot of people pushed me. Alyson is one of the people who had her hands on my back pushing me…hard! I can recall talking to her on the phone one day very upset because I thought I would be laid off from my job and I quite frankly could not afford it since my husband was not working. Her words were stern and will stay with me always. She told me, “Syl, you cannot just give up right now because you are smart. If you lose your job today what would happen? You would start selling websites right? You would make a lot of money right? You must not give up. You can do this. You are smarter than most people I know in this business, so keep your head up and keep getting smarter. Come on now, pick yourself up and make some money!” I have not forgotten how stern yet how soft and nurturing she was with me. She didn’t coddle me and say hey Syl don’t worry come on over here and work for me, she instead told me to get real, and do what I needed to do to make the money. I did just that and now I have what is becoming a successful business.



Lastly, I would like to mention Waylan Phillips, Executive Producer and Creative Director of Cooley’s Video. This is one of my more interesting mentors only because of the industry that he is in. He is in the entertainment industry so it’s just interesting to get to follow his trail of what he does. He was the producer on the Michael Jackson “This is it,” movie for example. So you can imagine how exciting it can be just to have a conversation with him.But on the other hand, he is so down to earth, sometimes I forget that he is the executive producer. I was introduced to him by a dear friend who wanted me to work with him. That did not pan out, however he was kind enough to reach out to mentor me. Over the past 3 years we have had a monthly meeting and it’s been great. We meet once a month over the phone regarding business and if I need to I can count on him. He has shown me exactly what I need to do when it comes to solution finding in business and sometimes that is just what a person needs as an executive or business owner. To be able to bounce problems off of someone else who has been there – done that. Waylan is someone who can solve problems quickly and gets to the point very fast (which can be stressful for someone who is a talker like me – lol!). I love all of my mentors just the same.

So what does all of this mean to you as a business owner? Well, having a mentor has shaped who I am. These people have kept me in line. They have molded me and helped me become successful in life as a person and as a business woman. If you do not have a mentor, I strongly suggest you reach out to find one. If you have not had the opportunity to mentor anyone, then I encourage you reach out to someone and ask them if you can be their mentor or coach. It’s one of the most rewarding opportunities you’ll ever have in life.



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