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You’ve got mail, email that is..and there’s a video in it!

Think about this, you have a business and it needs to be marketed to a target audience. It’s quite difficult to explain the benefits and features of your product without sending a 25 page brochure in the mail or getting the prospect to have a 30 minute meeting with you. These things are hard to do in today’s world of limited time. However, everyone has an email account and the more data you can get to a person in a short time frame the better right? Continue reading

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How to get folks to open your emails

Subject lines on email need serious creative development.  You only have 2 seconds for the reader to determine if he/she will open or delete the email.  The worst times to send are weekends and Friday evening.  Do not email on a Monday at all (offering that is).  The trick to the subject line development is to Continue reading

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