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Don’t trim your followers just yet, help is on the way!

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If you are thinking, “Man, I sure am getting followed by a lot of porn stars and robots…” maybe you should think about using a verifier for your followers.  This can be done easily with so many different services to choose from, but the main one that seems to be catching on is Continue reading

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More great ways to get quality followers with your same interests

Recently I have been getting fantastic followers and it’s all due to Twitters own new feature of “Retweeting.”  What I have found is that my own faboulous followers always use the “Retweet” function that Twitter offers. When they do this, I pay attention.  I have noticed most of the “retweets” are people with the same interests or interests that I want to learn more about. So, I follow them and guess what happens? They follow me back! The next great thing is that we’ve been having amazing conversations and building strong relationships.
I guess it all depends on what you are on Twitter for. But my main goal is to develop relationships and hopefully teach someone what I know and in turn learn from those who follow me. So, my suggestion to you is to do what we in marketing call “Test it!” Try following some of those folks who’ve retweeted (not your current follower, but the one who originally tweeted the comment,” and see what happens! You might just meet some fantastic Tweople!

P.S. Be sure to read my articles titled “Twitter – who’s following who and how do I get more of them to follow me?” and also “Want quality followers the ethical way,” so you can really leverage your Twitter experience!

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Want quality followers the ethical way?

Subscribing to some type of “Get followers fast” technique is NOT the right way to get quality followers if you are on Twitter and looking for ways to improve your business. If you’ve got a product you want to get across to people, you need to find followers that are of the same mindset as you.  So how do you do it?

Well, I posted an article several weeks ago titled “Twitter – who’s following who and how do I get more of them to follow me?” That is a great way to get followers, but I have also been testing a new method and it’s working out great for me. What I do is find a follower of my exact same interest. Then rather than reaching out to their followers, I check their lists. Most of the people on Twitter have a “List” created. But folks with the same interest or in the same industry as I am have lists that are VERY targeted.  Which only helps me. So I go to their lists and look for one that is about what I like. For instance if I see one titled “Social Media” or “Marketing” then I know they probably are going to be tweeting about something I am interested in. I then go and follow those people on that list in the hopes that they will in turn, follow me. It’s worked out well for me and I think if you try this, it will for you as well.

Now, please understand, if you do this, you MUST tweet about things that are interesting and valuable in order to get the followers to follow you. I like to think that my tweets are informative and interesting. I like to think that my blog posts are worthy of re-tweeting, but sometimes everyone will not think this. It’s also a reality check. If folks are not following you in return….well that may be a reality check to let you know, you aren’t saying anything that everyone else is saying or that is not that darn good. Time to go back to the drawing board and see if there is something else that you are more passionate about or that you know more about.

Good luck to you all and thank you each for your loyalty re-posting my articles! Follow me on Twitter @sylwilson


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