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Understanding the gaze of your customer

The design and graphics of your marketing material must support and strengthen the copy message.

  • Make it easy to scan
  • Have a focal point
  • Have an easy transfer of information (easy to read)
  • Communicate not decorate

What draws the eye, are warm colors and people. The best place to put your illustration is on the Continue reading


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Basic instructions for creating text that is rippled in Adobe Illustrator

Want to learn how to type on a line like this?

It’s so easy! Here are the steps using Adobe Illustrator CS3

Open a blank page

Click on the Paintbrush from your tool pallet. You will want to change the brush style to something a little thicker. You can do this once you click on the paintbrush tool, you should get a new toolbar at the top of your screen. You’ll see something that says “Brush.”  This is where your brush styles are located. I am picking a thicker calligraphy style but you can choose any of these. They are stored under the library in CS3 and you have a ton to pick from (see below and click to enlarge)

Next you just draw your line on the page in the direction you want the words to go. So do something swirly:) Here comes the fun part. Over on your tool pallet you’ll see you have the text tool (T).  If you press down and hold on that you’ll get several other Text Tools. I want you to pick “Type on a path tool.” Now go back to your line and hold your mouse over the line until the symbol changes to a slanted text tool. Now, click your mouse and start typing. You can change your font size and colors here as well if you like. Once you click off of the text and onto another area of your document, the original line will disappear.  Pretty cool right? If you use the Circle tool, it will type around the “Stroke” (line) of the circle. You can do this on any object you place into Adobe Illustrator. If you have questions, just email me at sylwilsonmarketing@yahoo.com

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