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Twitter background tips for business

If you are trying to create a Twitter background for your business, then there is help! You can hire me! Just kidding. As much as I would LOVE your business, it’s really not that difficult. I have given steps in previous posts, but I keep getting folks asking me for more tips. So here you go guys:

  1. If you have a website, you need to make sure the basic design of that site is followed through on your Twitter background before you even think about starting. (remember, consistency is key)
  2. It’s fairly important to have a good photo editing or paint type of software. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but any will do such as Corel, Paintshop Pro, etc. I have even heard of people using Paint (yes, the free thing that you get with windows!).
  3. You’ll want to keep the design easy enough to understand what it is you do or what your product is by just glancing at the page. The same rules apply on Twitter as they do on a website. You’ve got about 4 seconds to hold a persons attention before they’ll move on. So, be clear on what your purpose is.
  4. Use a photo of yourself, your business, or your products within the design. People on Twitter have gotten “hip” to spam, and we know that if there isn’t any photo of yourself..well…you’re probably spam. So if you wonder why folks aren’t following you back, try adding a photo..if it works, leave me a comment please.
  5. If your business is to sell apples, then SAY THAT! Don’t have a design with hearts and balloons. Remember, you’ve only got 4 seconds, use them wisely.

If you’re still having trouble, you may want to consider hiring someone who can lay your page out for you. Keep in mind the prices can range from $20 – $200. But what I always say is you get what you pay for, however, if you can find the right starving artist…you might just end up with some of the best designs you ever saw! (No, THAT is not a shameless plug for me!) If you need some inspiration, visit my portfolio and feel free to be “inspired!”


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