My Very First Blog Post from 2006…memories!

Wow, I was just perusing through some old stuff and remembered I had a blog when I was on the radio.. “Didn’t I? Whatever happened to that? ” From the looks of it, it’s still there, but I have completely lost the login and password information. I thought I would share it for a couple of reasons (note: none of this really has anything to do with Marketing or my current blog..but it’s New Years Eve and why not get a lil silly!)

  1. There are so many design flaws (I never actually put up my own – just stuck with the wordpress theme that was available)
  2. My writing skills…shall we say lacking a bit?
  3. It’s comical!

Now, as you read this, if you have comments, you’ll have to post them here, because as I stated before, I have no idea what the login and password are or what email address I tied the darn thing to! LOL! Keep in mind this blog was set up from my radio show, so the topics were usually based upon that days commentary on our show. Our show was a political show in St. Louis and well…things got hairy from time to time! You can listen to my past shows by visiting my site as well. It’s still active too! No clue what the username and password are for it either! I need to invest in one of those password keys!

So here is the link to the blog. Enjoy and have a great New Year!

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