My mouth has been taped shut on Twitter..

I find myself getting questioned about many of my tweets and status updates on Twitter and Facebook lately. Social networking used to be so much more fun when you could make a joke and people would laugh “LOL” or just comment with fun loving remarks. I will admit, I have always tried to steer clear of anything political or religious only because I believe that is usually a little different in social networking. If you make a statement that most of your “friends or followers” don’t agree with, well you are just setting yourself up for a bunch of criticism. Never mind that whole “Freedom of Speech” thing that we used to love to call America’s finest quality..Just tie me up and tape my mouth closed instead!

But here’s the deal, I think some of my followers, friends, and such, are just taking things I say too literally. I will give you an example. The other day on Facebook I said, “Walgreens now sells alcohol again, Thank you Jesus!” Now, I am very far from an alcoholic, in fact I usually only drink when I am out of town or if I am at home. However, the feedback I received was all over the place. I had several people who told me I was crazy for using Jesus’ name that way…(Aren’t we supposed to thank him when we’re happy? and I am a very religious person so I am quite aware of WHO turned water into wine! I love God and doubting my spirituality only shows others ability to not understand what God meant when he said “Judge not” and “Love is the strongest power of all”…But I digress), and I was told that I MUST be an alcoholic to make a statement like that as well. I had a fair amount of people who “Got” the joke in there, but man…I was amazed by the number of people who wanted to just jump on me for a silly status update. Whew! It’s a joke people, life is too short to live it grumpy!

It sure feels like people are all trying to be the “expert” on every status or tweet these days. I miss the old days when you could say a tweet and then have it re-tweeted by 20 of your followers…I miss the day when folks just “Liked” your Facebook status. Now it just feels like you’ve got to watch what you say. Don’t you dare make a joke about an someone’s favorite actor, or someone’s political party, or else you might just get slammed on your own page! Also, it seems like people get a little more “courage” to call you names or speak their mind on social networks doesn’t it? I seriously doubt anyone would have done anything but laugh or agree with me if that same statement had been said face to face.

Ah, maybe I just need to start my own social network for those of us who long for the day where we can once again speak our minds without the harassment. Or maybe I am the only one who feels this way. I dunno. What do you think?

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One response to “My mouth has been taped shut on Twitter..

  1. lylettep

    I have to admit that what you are saying is so true. Everyone seem so touchy about every thing these days.

    Like you I think the fun is being drained out of social networking with everyone taking everything so literally.
    I feel muzzled lots of the time when I have a view to express I find myself thinking about it for quite a while before I put it into words on Facebook or Twitter. I find myself wondering who it would offend or how many people would un-follow me if I give this particular view. Lol

    Also like you I try my best to steer clear of political and religious view. That right there is like a ticking time bomb.

    Take for example there is a group that I am a member of on FB where the members “share” and I do hope that they do, some very strong views about a particular issue. But you would not believe the amount of daily verbal fights that take place in that group. It never ceases to amaze me. I just sit by my computer and watch it in helpless amazement.

    The worst I have seen though is YouTube where people verbally abuse each other over the simplest of issues I keep wonder when, why or if YouTube will ever do something about that. Because sometimes it really gets awful over there.

    What could I say with social networking becoming such an entrenched part of our modern existence I guess the old cliche could suffice “familiarity breeds contempt”

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