Diary of an addicted Facebooker and Tweeter

Every now and then it’s fun to post something rather hokey…so I am going to post one of the reasons that makes it fun for us to market using Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Enjoy!

March 10 8:00am

Dear Diary,

I woke up and saw I had two new tweets. @holyroller wants to know if I am single and @mydadspants asked me if I could hang out this weekend…I have no idea who these people are, but I knew I had to respond immediately. I am waiting to find out if mydadspants lives in the same town as me..but honestly, I don’t think he does.

March 10 8:30 am

Dear Diary,

@mydadspants never tweeted me back but I had 3 new group requests on Facebook and 2 new comments on my status about the chicken I cooked last night. I have been trying to think of a witty comment for 20 minutes..

March 10 10:00 am

Dear Diary,

Do you think if I lose followers on Twitter that means I am a loser? I wonder who it was that stopped following me. I was up to 8600 followers and now I am down to 8598…I keep trying to figure it out. What did I say? Was it that I wasn’t tweeting enough? Maybe that’s it…I better start tweeting again. I will try talking about my new carpet I just had laid.

March 10 2:00 pm

Dear Diary,

My boyfriend left me a couple of hours ago. He said Twitter and Facebook are my new boyfriends….that I am cheating on him..that I don’t talk to him, and that I only talk to people online..Thank God they all understand me and agree with me about EVERYTHING!

March 10 2:30 pm

Dear Diary,

I am so excited! I sent a friend request to Micheal Bolton! I can’t believe he is on Facebook! I hope he accepts me. I am sure he will, I mean…I am such a good status writer..Surely he’d be interested in my life..everyone else is!

March 10 2:45 pm

Dear Diary,

Apparently my boyfriend forgot to pay the internet bill…I cannot log on..I guess I need to go to the library to get online. Nothing else to do at home besides laundry, cooking, cleaning, and paying bills. See you later diary!

March 12 4:00 pm

Dear Diary,

Finally got my internet back on, but I got fired from work today for being caught on Facebook and leaving a status that said I wanted to punch my boss in the face. So much for that job. They’ll call any day now to ask me to come back I am sure of it. Until then, I have some important tweets to get to. @ideas4bus said I could sell my tweets for a buck a piece if I just buy 20 boxes of his fruit punch. Sounds like a great way to make extra cash until unemployment kicks in.

This of course is only an example of why facebook and twitter are indeed addictions…that may require rehabilitation centers world wide!


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3 responses to “Diary of an addicted Facebooker and Tweeter

  1. i love twitter its something i just seem to have a nak for doing-and the more i excel at it the more i want to do it!i tweet to more people and git more responses from people in a day than most people git in months!thats why i am a twitter fanatic!

  2. Very clever Syl. I’m confused how the diary ties in with your first paragraph, but I enjoyed the diary so much I forgot what I was here for. brb I gotta update my twitter status!

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