Why privacy on the internet is laughable

People keep talking about you can protect yourself online if you delete certain profile pages on these free online public data searches. Well, that’s just laughable to me. The only way to protect yourself is to never have any record of yourself online. In today’s age of computer technology and things moving to become more automated, we just need to deal with the fact that our information is being shared with the masses at a rate that is unstoppable.

I recently received an email that said “If you haven’t heard yet, spokeo.com has a listing that pulls all your data and photo’s from facebook and twitter and posts it up on their site along with your address and phone number. In order to delete this information you must go to profile, public, and choose delete.” Well, the reason why this doesn’t make much sense is because first, you need to understand that there are thousands of sites that pull data from social networking sites. Every time you play a game on one of those social networks and click “allow access” you are saying “yes, I allow you to share my private data with the world.” So what you need to do is:

A) Don’t play the games

B) Do not list your personal data like phone number, address, etc.

C) For goodness sakes…do not list your kids names on these sites!!

Once you understand how these sites obtain your personal data, it’s more easy to keep them from having it. If you don’t put it out there…they cannot get it. But don’t get it twisted – they can still get it if you participate in a survey, enter a drawing of some sort, or if one of your current organizations you belong to decides to be a jerk and sell your information as part of a list. But hey, these are just my two cents. You think you have more information regarding the topic? Chime in, and let us all know how we can protect ourselves!

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