Bad Customer Service Really Doesn’t Pay…

I swore I’d never post about any bad customer service I have received on my blog…but after what happened to me at a local pizza restaurant I am so mad I could scream. And who knows, maybe now I’ll have to start a new blog for all the crappy customer service I’ve been experiencing lately…and maybe one for those who have stellar service as well.


A week ago (Black Friday to be exact), I ordered 2 pizza’s and an order of chicken strips for 5 hungry kids at my house. No big deal right? I placed my order at 7:05 and the online software told me it would be at my house in 37 minutes. Since I always use this pizza company and they always get it to my house I knew it would be there in about that amount of time. 45 minutes later I thought maybe my order didn’t take when there was no knock at my door..But I waited until 8:00pm to call them. I was told the pizza was on its way and that they were just busy. 30 minutes later no pizza and 5 crabby kids who kept saying “We’re hungry, We’re hungry.” So I called again. This time I asked to speak with the manager, and was told that the pizza was still on it’s way and was promised that it would indeed be hot. Now at 9:00pm I called only to find out that the online software had a “glitch,” and that is why it wasn’t there but it should be shortly. Of course I cancelled my order and at 9:05pm the doorbell rang with our pizza’s (2 hours late) and I could not believe that the delivery guy didn’t understand why I cancelled.



What I was thinking to myself was “Why isn’t this manager offering me anything for my trouble?” I mean it was a $32 dollar order. I understand that these places get busy, heck I used to deliver pizza’s so I get it, really I do…I understand that mistakes happen..but in my line of work if I make a mistake I offer all types of repairs and extra’s. Why would this restaurant not do it? Well, they’ve permanently lost a customer in me, my neighbors, my friends, my 9-5 job and more. You know you just never know who the person ordering is. Fortunately, I have enough pull at my job, that I can say “Never order from a particular pizza company,” and it will happen. As a company with over 150 employees – that is a big hit when we order pizza all the time. Further, as a customer, and someone who WILL complain to everyone I know and let them know about the poor service, this was a super bad idea. Never did they say “Sorry, can we offer you a free pizza?” Never did they say “Please just take the pizza and we’ll credit your account for 10% off.”

I asked them if they could provide a receipt for my cancellation and was told I’d have to come up to the store to get it. Once I arrived at the store to get my receipt (since they were not going to bring it to me), I was told that they could not generate a receipt, but if I came to the store they would print me one out. So when I got to the store, I walked in and thought I was in a night club from the loud hip hop music playing. I mean, this place was dirty, and full of people (which made me wonder why they were so far behind), that were just “hanging out.” Once I asked for my receipt I got a new answer that they really can’t print one and that I had to call the next day and ask for the manager…I thought I spoke with her on the phone the first time, but apparently, that too was a lie.


As a marketer, I wish there were more companies that put a focus on lifetime customers and retention as opposed to just getting the order. Truly, they have lost one of their lifetime customers. Although this was their first mistake with me, the poor customer service and failure to fix the wrong is completely unacceptable.

Therefore, no thanks to your poor customer service I will no longer order anything from you again. This was a pizza delivery #FAIL!
Hungry for Pizza…but not yours.

P.S. We ended up going to Little Caesars and got 4 pizza’s for your price along with all the fixin’s. And their pizza was tasty with superb service as soon as we walked in the door. And yes, I did indeed get the charge off of my account…but you can bet your bottom dollar I will not order from them again. I’ll give you three guesses as to who this ridiculous pizzeria is..They are a nation-wide chain that should be ashamed of themselves.

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