Leveraging Smart Phones for Business

How many of you are in business and want to know how you can reach more of your prospects using technology that already is out there? In the past as marketers, we’d buy a list, mail to that list, and possibly follow up with a closing item to those who were “A” listed based on previous sales. Or in B2B the A list prospect might be the client most likely to make a purchase within 30 days at 80%.

Today, there is so much technology and more opportunities to make sales without spending the same amount as in the past. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve still got to put forth the same energy and effort into your campaign finding out who the right audience is, but with smart phones, tablets, and social media, a lot of people are left asking the question, “What is the right strategy?” Smart phones are a GREAT way to reach an audience in B2C and sometimes B2B. First, you’ve got to know if your audience even uses smart phones. I have a client who’s industry is mostly male and over the age of 50 and mostly engineers. You might think they would be technology driven being engineers, but a survey showed that the majority did not have a smart phone and were not on Facebook. I was amazed at the Facebook portion…because who’s not on right?

If you decide to run a smart phone campaign, you’ll want to have permission of course to send text messages and give a clear way to opt out. Next up is figuring out the promotion. Since it’s a smart phone and there is less upfront investment, you  can be more creative and possibly have more offers that you are able to do tests with to specific target audiences. Tracking the creatives is the most important piece so that you can identify when to pull an ad, when to push it and which ones are most likely to make your clients move to the next level.

Executing a smart phone campaign can be tricky, but as long as you have a marketing and operations manager to oversee the project, you should see results and at the very least learn quickly if this marketing technique is for your business or not. There are big benefits to retailers with these promotions, however this style of marketing doesn’t apply strictly to retail. Large supply chains benefit as well and with the ability to quickly analyze the call to action, management is able to make adjustments if the campaign is not going well.

For more information on smart phone campaigns, contact your marketing department.

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